New Zealand PM Demands Censorship of Americans and Repeal of Second Amendment

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New Zealand PM calls for censorship of Americans and a banning of all guns in America

Far-left New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called on Big Tech companies to censor Americans and has urged the Biden administration to repeal the Second Amendment.

During an address to Harvard University graduates, Arden took advantage of the Uvalde mass shooting and called for the government to ban “military-style semi-automatics and assault rifles” and impose online censorship.

“We knew we needed significant gun reform, and so that is what we did,” Ardern boasted. “But we also knew that if we wanted genuine solutions to the issue of violent extremism online, it would take government, civil society and the tech companies themselves to change the landscape.” reports: Arden then called on social media platforms to develop “responsible algorithms” to censor “disinformation” and “make choices and decisions for us” about what information we see online.

“The time has come for social media companies and other online providers to recognize their power and to act on it,” Ardern said.

“That means upholding their own basic terms of service. That means recognizing the role they play in constantly curating and shaping the online environments that we’re in. That algorithmic processes make choices and decisions for us.”

“At best that means that the user experience is personalized, but at worst it means the user experience can be radicalized,” Ardern continued. “Let’s start with transparency in how algorithmic processes work and the outcomes they deliver. But let’s finish with a shared approach to responsible algorithms, because the time has come.”

“When facts are turned into fiction, and fiction turned into fact, you stop debating ideas and you start debating conspiracy,” she added.

Ardern then ridiculed “keyboard warriors” who disseminate information or content she doesn’t like.

“In my mind, when I read something especially horrific on my feed, I imagine it’s written by a lone person, unacquainted with personal hygiene practices, dressed in a poorly fitted superhero costume – one that is baggy in all the wrong places,” she said.

“Keyboard warrior or not though, it’s still something that has been written by a human, and it’s something that has been read by one too,” she added.

Watch Ardern’s full speech:


  1. I couldn’t care any less what this brain dead gash has to say. Women in power = disaster.

      • Yeah, only the beautiful ones go to Hollywood, the ugly ones like this one, have to do their time in politics.

  2. We don’t have dictators and Biden doesn’t rewrite the Constitution. It takes ratification at the state level. The states created the federal government.

  3. It thinks we care what it says we should do? News break, GO POUND SAND you crazy A-Hole!! This is the USA not NZ!!

  4. the expression “dog faced pony soldier” was tailor made for this mouth bully. she is the antithesis of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as she seeks to transform her country of five million (and the entire planet) into a world of excited misery based on her own limited intellect.
    the billionaires of the WEF play global socialists like her (a global nazi) and other brain-washed sycophants like macron and trudeau) like a fiddle. you cannot fix stupid with faux degrees. they are not worth the paper they are printed on, neither are her opinions – which have as much validity as those of the local bar fly.

    • Most likely, she IS the local bar fly. She makes about as much sense as an alcoholic. And where on earth did she get that horrid thing she’s wearing around her shoulders? Looks like some poor giant rat had to sacrifice his life for her to
      wear it.

  5. They plan to kill off the entire red race during the lockdowns, the red race was put here to show humans the correct way to live. In tune and harmony with nature, and one another, as they do in Heaven. The jews are here to show you the opposite, how to become the slaves of and mini-mes, of the illuminati, reptilian, demonic elite. If that happens it will be the end.

  6. This pissant country will not be dictating anything about Americans’ Constitutional rights.

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