Lawmakers Stage Mass Walkout During Zelensky’s Speech To Austrian Parliament

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Austria parliament

It looks like Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is starting to lose support in the West.

More countries are becoming weary of supporting the ‘war effort against Russia and have had enough of “sacrificing” their hard-earned money for Ukraine.

Even Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky himself acknowledged this week that he is worried that ‘Ukraine fatigue’ is starting to set in.

Zelensky, who previously warned Americans they must keep sending money to Ukraine or else their children would be sent to the front, has now admitted he is terrified of a Republican winning the 2024 US presidential election as that would mean an end to the blank check.

“The United States really understands that if they stop helping us, we will not win,” he told the AP.

Its not just Americans who are growing weary……waning enthusiasm and support for the war effort against Russia has also become very clear in parts of Europe….

ZeroHedge reports:This was also on display during Zelensky’s latest speech. He addressed the lower house of Austria’s parliament via video-link on Thursday. Not far into the speech, a large group of Austrian lawmakers from the conservative Freedom Party (FPO), often dubbed in mainstream media as “far right”, staged a group protest and walked out all together. They left placards on their desks with the words “space for neutrality” and “space for peace”. They are not happy at the current European and US stance which has blocked negotiations.

“It is sad that the FPO is the only party in parliament that takes our ever-lasting neutrality seriously, thereby also standing up for peace,” FPO leader Herbert Kickl said just ahead of the Zelensky speech.

A similar movement is happening in Bulgaria too, which alongside Austria and Hungary has pledged not to send any lethal aid to Ukraine. These countries, led by Hungary’s example, have expressed they want to “prevent further escalation” with Russia. Watch the Austrian politicians walk out on Zelensky’s speech below…


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    The Europeans are waking up tithe preposterous disingenuous stories bering told by liars and deceivers.
    It was unbelievable to me t by at Ukraine should become independent after the end of communism I knew it was a set ul to state a war even then.

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    When you put airheads in charge of a country, you only get air.

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