Washington DC School Stages BLM March For Kindergarten Students

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BLM washington DC school

A private school in Washington, DC has caused a stir online after posting a video of its kindergarten students marching with BLM signs and chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ in support of the cause.

The video which was uploaded on Lowell School’s official Instagram page on Saturday, featured several young children taking part in the ‘march’ which was organized for them by their teachers.

Even some who claimed to be supportive of the BLM cause insisted that turning kids into “mini-political activists” was ‘just wrong.’

Gateway Pundit reports: The masked students, who appear to be no older than 5 or 6, were paraded around the school as they were encouraged by teachers to parrot the BLM propaganda.

Once again, independent journalist Libsoftiktok raised the alarm about this latest example of sickening exploitation occuring in schools and reposted the video to Twitter.

Take a look:


Education, even for those who are not yet in grade school, has become solely about breeding liberal activists. Not even private schools are safe from this insane indoctrination.

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