What lies Between North America And Eurasia Tectonic Plates

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what lies between
tectonic plates

These breathtaking images were captured  in the clear waters between the two major Tectonic Plates of North America and Eurasia. It shows what lies between them. French marine biologist Mathieu Foulquie captured the images at a depth of  49ft  during an expedition at “Thingvellir Lake” in the “Silfra canyon” in southern Iceland. Its a fresh water lake. Cold  temperatures and the filtering process through porous underground lava before it reaches Thingvellir Lake, results in a visibility of 100m – an  ideal environment for diving.

See Ice Cave Video below.

Foulquie managed to use this visibility to capture the stunning shots between the two tectonic plates. He says: ‘I did attempt to have a drink whilst diving in the lake, but the water temperature is about 2 or 3 degrees Celsius, and you’re already frozen so you don’t really need more refreshing. ‘However, because of the lava filtration – which is one of the best in the world – the lake tastes of the purest of waters. ‘When people look at photographs, the first sentence is usually ‘it looks like they were in weightlessness’ – a phenomenon which occurs when there is no force of support on your body.’ what lies between Read more>>dailymail.co.uk

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