WHO & EU Commission Sign Global Vaccine Passport Deal

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The EU’s digital COVID-19 certification system has been scaled up to global level

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Commission have launched a global digital health certification network

According to a report by Euractiv on Monday June 5th, the EU’s health commissioner Stella Kyriakides and the WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus signed an administrative agreement and letter of intent for the upgrading of the EU system of digital COVID-19 certification to be used globally in future health crises.

The aim, so they say, is to establish a global system to facilitate global mobility and protect citizens across the world from ongoing and future health threats. 

The European Conservative reports: As expected, the announcement sparked instant backlash on social media, while experts and politicians weighed in to warn about the terrifying consequences that such a system could have in store. “Are you seeing it yet? … Yet another ‘conspiracy theory’ becoming reality!” German MEP Christine Anderson (ID) tweeted. She added:

If you don’t do as you’re told (get x amount of mRNA shots, get “recommended” check-ups, procedures, whatever they will deem beneficial to “public health” (definition subject to change any given time) and are unable to provide proof, you will be labeled “a threat to society” and will be turned off with the flip of a switch, thanks to eID and CBDC! 

Forget dystopias by Orwell OR Huxley: Make it a dystopia by “Huxwell”!

According to EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides, who was delighted that the WHO “will take up the framework” of the EU’s existing vaccine passport system, the aim of the global system is not to restrict liberties, but to facilitate mobility and protect citizens from future health threats.

“With this landmark partnership with the WHO, we are scaling up EU innovation in digital health to deliver safe mobility for all citizens across the globe,” the EU health chief said, adding that “there is no better partner than the WHO to advance the work we started in the EU and further develop global digital health solutions.”

The counterargument is much more sinister. According to technology expert Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., a global, digital health passport would be about anything but protecting freedom. As he told The Defender, such a passport system could only mean “restraints on movement and living for the unvaccinated and forced vaccination to participate in life.”

There’s more. According to the WHO’s press release, the global vaccine passport will only be the first building block of the WHO’s Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN), which is set to develop a wide range of digital products to track and deal with contagious outbreaks. 

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