Whoopi Goldberg: How Dare Supreme Court Question ‘What A Fetus Wants’

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Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg erupted during a debate on abortion and told her co-hosts on The View” that the Supreme Court had no right to question “what a fetus wants.”

 Goldberg implied that men have no right to comment on abortions as she slammed Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for a remark he made while debating Roe v Wade. 

Her comments were made on Thursday’s show. She added, “Now I’m fine if you disagree with abortion. I have no problem with that. My problem comes when you tell me what I need to do with my doctor and my family. How dare you! How dare you!”

Breitbart reports: During the oral arguments of the Mississippi case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Justice Sonia Sotomayor said, “Will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the constitution and its reading are just political acts?”

Chief Justice John Roberts said, “Viability, it seems to me, doesn’t have anything to do with choice, but if it really is an issue about choice, why is 15 weeks not enough time?”

Justice Amy Coney Barrett said, “So, it seems to me, seen in that light, both Roe and Casey emphasized the burdens of parenting. Why don’t the safe haven laws take care of that problem? It seems to me that it focuses the burden much more narrowly.”

Justice Samuel Alito said, “The fetus has an interest in having a life, and that doesn’t change, does it from the point before viability to the point after viability?”

Goldberg said, “Do any of you men have any eggs or the possibility of carrying a fetus? How dare you talk about what a fetus wants! You have no idea.”


      • It’s true .Woman have aborted babies for ever Jane Russel had one at age 18 and could never give birth after. Marilyn Monroe had several and couldn’t conceive or carry again either There needs to be some more morality amongst adults and married women shouldn’t have easy access to.qbortions Teenage girls maybe should until they’re 20 .But as mature adults they should be on the pill if they’re going to root around or carry condoms.Its silly to expect the boy to do it because they mature slower than girls .But married women should have a very hard time accessing abortions especially if it’s not her husband’s .That might help reduce rampant promiscuity which is pervasive and ultimately causes decadence and social.declinre.It doesn’t elevate a community or improve their values but turns them into animals .

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  1. She really is a very sick woman .Look at her .She can’t even exercise self control over what she stuffs into her mouth let alone what comes out of it.

  2. Just such a hideous wildebeest. Whoopi, definitely black, definitely not really jewish, definitely talentless and evil.

  3. I really dislike Woophi, similar dem-rats and progressive leftist manipulators and elites, specially after all that happened last year….but I REALLY hope that they wont turn down Roe vs Wade…..I would hate to have to vote Blue….I think a lot of independent voters have similar ideas.
    Probably I would just stop voting.

  4. Goldberg showing her level of education by quoting Greta. And using a similar level of intelligence as well.

  5. So, Whoopi you don’t like it when you tell me what I need to do with my doctor and my family. But you are okay with you and your cronies telling the American people how they should react to all the hatred being perpetrates by the media and certain politicians. What a hypocrite you are…Shame on you!

  6. She actually needs some counselling really badly she is eating herself to death in a slow suicide from self loathing most likely
    Every educated person alive knows that for normal healthy things the desire to live is the strongest fundamental instinct possible .

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