Will Monica Lewinsky Vote For Hillary Clinton?

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Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton

A video from gossip site TMZ.com filmed in January is suddenly going viral again.

In the short clip, Monica Lewinsky is seen leaving Los Angele’s famous Chateau Marmont hotel during Golden Globes Week in January of this year.

While Lewinsky is getting into her car, a reporter asks: “Monica! Will you be voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election?”

Lewinsky barely makes eye contact with anyone and refuses to answer the reporter’s question. Though, this is not the first time that Lewinsky has been asked about her feelings on Hillary Clinton’s current presidential bid.

The Daily Mail reported in September of 2015 that when Lewinsky was appearing on The Good Morning America Show, she was asked the same question. Her reply at the time was: “I think its really wonderful that we have women from both parties running for higher office,’ Lewinsky said. ‘However it may affect me personally is not something I’m going to talk about today.”

She was, of course, referring to Carly Fiorina, who was running against Hillary Clinton as a Republican candidate. She has since dropped out of the race.

Which leaves poor Monica Lewinsky with one person to vote for if she thinks it’s “really wonderful” enough that women, (any woman, in this case) is running and should be President: Hillary Clinton. A woman who just happens to be her ex-lover’s wife. That’s what some would call a predicament.

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