Woman Sobs after COVID Jab Injury Literally Melts Her Face Off

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Woman sobs are vaccine injury results in her face melting off

A woman broke down in tears as she documented how the Covid jab has caused her skin to literally melt away from her face and body.

In a viral video posted to TikTok, the woman explained how her skin condition eczema was under control and localized to small spots on her body, but says it became devastating after she took the first two shots and a booster.

“I had my eczema so well under control for 29 years that at that point I was not actively working with a dermatologist,” the woman declared.


“But let me tell you this…after every vaccine shot – and I had three – my eczema got worse. And I’m not saying that the vaccine triggered my TSW [Topical Steroid Withdrawal] I think it was a full perfect storm clusterfuck of things that happened to me.”

Infowars.com reports: The woman says after dermatologists saw her eczema accelerating she was prescribed multiple medications, many of which are given to cancer patients.

“Fast-forward to January 2022 – I’ve gone full-blown TSW withdrawals. I was shaking cold, I couldn’t regulate my heat, I was oozing metallic liquid out of my skin, I was gaining weight even though I wasn’t eating,” the woman said.

She next pulled her shirt collar down to show the extent of her skin condition, which she said worsened after she’d eaten crispy cauliflower the night before.

At her wit’s end, the woman began sobbing after explaining she’d paid over $1,000 on a medication she didn’t need prior to her recent skin episode.

“I feel like my whole life’s been stripped from me. This is so freaking painful.”

“Anyone else notice this?? I was literally just following doctor’s orders, following the government mandates, and now this is my life.”

Despite the Covid vaccines being marketed as “safe and effective,” at least one study has suggested a causal correlation between Covid mRNA vaccines and temporary exacerbation of pre-existing eczema symptoms.

“The limitations of this study include the inability to establish causality,” researchers wrote, adding, “However, our cases show temporal association with other qualifying triggers and satisfy most criteria described in a causality assessment of an adverse event following immunization. Physicians are encouraged to monitor for possible cutaneous vaccine-related complications… and remain updated on national and international guidelines.”

As seen with other vaccine injuries, the woman’s suffering may have all been avoided had she been informed of the possible side effects, or contraindications beforehand.


  1. All maximising profits to big pharma INC. The whole mob are going to make billions extra every year for decades and decades from these jabs.

  2. I feel bad for her. Beholden to doctors, governments who just don’t seem to give a crap anymore. Hopefully the vaccine wanes as it is reported to do and she gets her life back in a year

    • Well, there’s the spike protein and alot of other harmful things in the vax so I doubt it will wane. There is absolutely
      no reason to think the jab will wane because of what is in it. Not one person has reported that it’s waned, to my knowledge
      and I research it everyday.

      • Additionally, doctors that specialize in immunology have warned that deaths due to the shots are going to dramatically increase in the first 2-3 years. Already insurance companies worldwide are reporting 40% excess unexpected deaths for 2021.

  3. Duh!!

    “I don’t need a brain”; All I need to do is listen to the government subsidized doktor and the government and my life in utopia will be perfect.

  4. When it first came out I was asked if I was going to get the Death Vaxx. My answer: “I’ll wait four or five years to see if there are any bad effects and most likely not even then because I’m healthy and the covid isn’t statistically certain death to get”. I never understood why people would become part of a medical experiment.

    • social engineering, being stupid to it.
      If you go on youtube, they did an experiment in an elevator. they distributed actors on different floors waiting. when a subject got on the elevator, the actors got on with her but turned to face the back of the elevator. the next floor, some more people got on, and they also faced the back of the elevator. confused, the subject turned 90 degrees to face the side. another floor some got off and some more got on, and they also faced the rear of the elevator. by this time she was convince and also turned to face the rear of the elevator.

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