WEF Orders Govt’s To Arrest Citizens Who Oppose Man-Made Climate Change Narrative

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WEF orders govt's to jail citizens who oppose man-made climate change agenda.

The World Economic Forum has ordered government’s to begin arresting citizens who oppose the man-made climate change narrative in a bid to persuade the masses that ‘global boiling‘ is a real danger.

Young Global Leader and British far-left environmentalist Jim Dale says all ‘climate deniers’ must be sent to jail in order to shut them up from convincing others that man-made global warming is fake.

Naturalnews.com reports: Likening denial of global warming to flat earth conspiracy theories, Dale thinks it should be illegal for anyone to express opposition to his personally held beliefs about the planet getting too warm due to things like people eating meat and farm animals passing gas.

Andrew Doyle found himself embroiled in a fiery debate with Dale recently after Dale blew up at Doyle for holding a different viewpoint about climate change.

“Denial is factually wrong and it pollutes the political discourse,” Dale scoffed. “It puts certain politicians in certain spins. They don’t necessarily know about the climatology or the meteorology that’s involved.”

“Therefore, they go off on a tangent or sit on a fence like Rishi Sunak, and we end up going nowhere fast when we have to act.”

Climate fanaticism

Dale says he is okay with people who disagree with his views talking with their close family and friends about what they believe.

“Nobody would kick in the door,” Dale reassured.

However, if someone is caught “polluting” public discourse with their opinions that Dale disagrees with, then he would prefer that they be thrown behind bars and punished for upsetting him.

Dale did not specify what types of sanctions would apply to people who are still allowed to live outside of prison despite holding what he believes to be errant beliefs, but he did indicate that it would be up to politicians like Labour Party leader Keir Starmer.

Keep in mind that the United Kingdom already has harsh anti-“hate” speech laws in place that could potentially be weaponized against people who say climate change does not exist using the excuse of “climate hate.”

Responding to all this, Doyle tried to explain to Dale that it might not go so well to try to ban and punish people for opposing the prevailing climate dogmas. He pointed to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lab leak theory and how it was suppressed for a very long time online.

Facebook and Google infamously deleted entire accounts for posting lab leak theory information, which is the same thing Dale wants to happen, or worse, to people who oppose climate change dogmas online.

Just like Facebook tried to do in its defense by claiming that people like Tony Fauci, and not the U.S. Constitution, are in charge of free speech, Dale also believes that the government should be able to dictate what people say about the climate.

According to Watts Up With That, Earth is actually in a process of cooling right now, not warming. In fact, the climate is always changing up and down depending not only on the season but also the age.

If there were periods of extreme heat and extreme cold way back before there was even industrialization, then how can people like Dale claim that human activity is responsible for the temperature “extremes” that he claims are now taking place?

“Given the geological evidence is that we are living in a significant period of extreme cold, how can today’s temperatures possibly qualify as a global warming emergency?” Watts Up With That asked.

“Yet an opinion such as I just provided, a simple statement of fact, would likely be illegal under Jim Dale’s climate denial rules. Under Dale’s proposed rules, myself or anyone who retweets this article could go to jail or lose their house, merely for suggesting that people living in the middle of an ice age should be more concerned about glaciers than beach weather.”

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