McAuliffe’s Loss In Virginia Doesn’t Change Democrats Agenda Says Pelosi

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Nancy Pelosi

Despite suffering a devastating loss in the Virgina gubernatorial race on Tuesday night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has declared that the results will not change the agenda for the House of Representatives.

Pelosi told reporters that while she was saddened by the defeat of Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, “the people had spoken.” And “We respect the results.”

She then went on to state that Democrats are not changing course on their multitrillion-dollar agenda

When asked, “Does it change the agenda for the House?” Pelosi responded, “No, no.”

Fox news reports: House Republicans fired back in a tweet calling Pelosi a lame duck.

“The people REJECTED Biden and Pelosi’s Far Left Socialist agenda last night,” they wrote. “Pelosi is a LAME DUCK Speaker.”

Democrats just weeks ago were hyping the race between McAuliffe and Youngkin as a bellwether election affirming their agenda. Vice President Kamala Harris last week declared, “What happens in Virginia will, in large part, determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on.”

But as the race quickly began to tighten, Democrats started to downplay the race’s importance. President Biden on Tuesday distanced himself from the election just hours before the ballots started being counted.

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