Trump Vows to Investigate Big Tech’s ‘Anti-American’ Censorship

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Trump vows to investigate Big Tech's unAmerican censorship

President Trump has called on lawmakers to investigate Big Tech’s “anti-American” censorship practices.

Trump warned that censorship has become normalized by U.S. corporations and Big Tech giants.

Trump issued the demand during his speech at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida over the weekend.

“The next critical fight we need is for your energy to be put behind the battle to restore free speech in America,” Trump declared.

“There is no such thing as a democracy that does not have free speech.

“We don’t have free speech anymore.”

“We have cancel culture,” Trump warned.

“We have fake news media that reports certain news incorrectly.”

Trump also called out the mainstream media for being the PR wing of the Democratic Party:

And if it’s positive about the other side, they make it much better and if it’s bad about the other side, they won’t even report it.

We saw that in the election where they wouldn’t report bad news about the other side.

It’s a disgrace.

The media has taken a place in our culture and our history that nobody ever thought would be possible.

They are no longer respected.

Trump warned that if censorship continues, America will turn into “Venezuela on steroids”:

If debate can be silenced, if dissent can be suppressed.

If conservative ideas can be systematically shut down, then very simply, we do not have a free country anymor.

That’s what happened with communism and various countries.

That’s what happened with Venezuela.

Trump noted that “the next congress and the next president have a civic duty to be ruthless in going after this new censorship regime.”

“We have to because if we do not destroy censorship, censorship will destroy America.”

“Our country will rot from the corruption confusion.”

“As soon as we have the power,” Trump added.

“Congress should immediately launch a full-scale investigation into the rise of totally anti-American practice.”


  1. They, all of them in it together, under Vanguards directions have cimoleyy erased any real news sites from the net and there us nothing but duplicitous deceits and manipulations and passive aggressive frauds anywhere now They’ve terrorised everyone into compliance using good old fashioned bullying.

  2. Just like he “vowed” to hold Hillary Clinton Accountable for her Crimes & Obama for usurping the Office of the President for two terms with the Collusion of Every member of Congress…Trump Belongs to this crowd.

    Rothschilds & Donald Trump:

    Donald Trump’s goals are completely aligned with the goals and agendas of Satanist-Globalist Rothschild’s, e.g., when Trump was in bankruptcy after the US real estate crash of the 1980s, just before he was about to lose everything, he was bailed out by Rothschild Inc. and, thereafter, became social and personal friends of the Rothschild family. Trump now serves the financial interests of the Rothschild global enterprise, especially in the Middle East where the US engages in Wars that, covertly, are waged to bring oil resources under the control of Rothschild oil companies. Wilbur Ross, a former senior managing director at Rothschild Inc., was appointed by Trump as soon as he became President to be the Director of the US Department of Commerce, a position that is a source of ‘suggestions’ for US policy in such matters…This would be reminiscent of the maneuver by which the Rothschild’s, acting through the Bank of England, bailed out J.P. Morgan during the Wall Street Panic of 1857 and, thereafter, became the hidden controllers of the Morgan banking dynasty. For that story, see Creature from Jekyll Island, pp. 407-419.]

    • Everyone in the USA works for the commerce commission OR you don`t work at all.But freespeech protects EVERYONE or no one.But far as commerce at the local and fed level if you don`t play inside the lines YOU are ANTI-american to them

    • See Professor Quigleys book exposing that Morgan became the most powerful banker on earth after setting up the Fed .Richer as 1 man than the while rothschild family all combined

  3. The tic tic playing with BIG words like a insurrection for their partys is the S.O.P of the mess of a goverment that we have a two party smit throwing contest of nothingness.We need more partys and MORE freedom of speech not less for whatever hutty ideals the partys have as all they have now is kissing up to big biz 1%ter`s.IT WAS A Riot at best and it was preventible by the part of BOTH partys.A real INSURRECTION would be a action of war and would include a major attack and TAKEOVER and NONE of that was seen but throw out the WORD INSURRECTION and they all jump on it llike flys on smit

  4. Lets be clear here our and the the world`s goverments are owned outright by the powerful 1% as money runs the world so sure us( have not`s )don`t like that smit but that does`nt mean you stop trumps MOUTH from spewing OR anyone`s mouth from sputterings as than you have the one% putting gags on anyones who don`t like them.Than you have a class war than a worldwar and the ONE% still get your cash and you are still their underclass slaves.AT least trump had the balls to open his mouth yes yes for his side but than again everyone has sides.I SAID the WORD INSURRECTION and they fed on that like blow flys but I knew they would than again BUT at best it was a small preventible by both partys riot that could have been a total BLOOD BATH if they had swatted with a delta team

    • They serve the rule if law which is the Pope and Crown Lands which ultimately the Queen owns But there are richer people .Google who owns the world .

  5. Mark Zuckerberg pictured, an Illuminati, the great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller the 3rd.

    Mark Zuckerberg got $500 million from the CIA drug profits to launch Facebook.

  6. like he vowed to put Clinton behind bars. on his acceptance speech, he will say. zuckerberg is really a nice guy, kind of like that Data character on star trek

    • Because he isnt the rule if law He is a businessman He didnt understand his corrupt things really were He learned when he wanted to sack Fauci and couldnt the truth about the alleged worlds mist powerful man It isnt the President unless the really powerful families, and theres quite a few ,have put him there Or her .And Trumo is not a known murderer with impunity so people arent scared of HIM.

  7. Wrong The agents there on the day went on the record and said that the bitch making the claims was lying .Course msm hid that .

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