Democrats Hail Pelosi For Her ‘F**k You’ Clap During Trump’s SOTU Speech

Fact checked

Democrats have been drooling over Nancy Pelosi’s sarcastic ‘f**k you’ clap during President Trump’s State of the Union speech

Throughout the speech Pelosi, who was sitting behind Trump, attempted to undermine him without speaking a word.

The house speaker used  subtle eye rolls or appeared to ignore Trump while flipping through papers, thought to be a copy of the Presidents speech, showing her obvious disapproval.

RT reports: During his 80-minute speech, Trump appealed to Americans of all ideological stripes to find common ground and embrace compromise – a message that arguably clashes with the president’s habit of roasting his political opponents on Twitter.

After Trump called on the country to “embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise and the common good,” Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, sitting behind the president, fired off a few sarcasm-dipped golf claps. The acerbic salute caused a sensation on social media, with photos of Trump and Pelosi locking eyes as she offers her feigned applause being hailed as epoch-defining treasures.

Comedian Patton Oswalt dubbed the gesture the “f**k you” clap, while others praised the House leader as a model #resistor.



  1. I live in Calif and have all my life. Pelosi was always corrupt and sold our tech to China, she’s a third generation mafia crook, child trafficker, drug trafficker and backstabber.

  2. Ok so she made a goose of herself again..whats new.. Trump is a ok guy.. and he cares more than any president since JFK….

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