Switzerland: Police Fire Rubber Bullets At Covid Passport Protesters In Swiss Capital

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Bern protest switzerland

Swiss police used rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon to forcibly disperse a crowd protesting against Covid passports in the de facto capital of Bern on Thursday.

The protest was banned by the authorities and canceled by organizers, but people still turned up and marched through the city, booing the police while chanting “freedom”.

RT reports: As night fell, the authorities responded by turning water cannon on the protesters. One journalist captured footage of riot police firing tear-gas grenades as well.


Some of the protesters threw objects back at the police, while blowing whistles and booing.

Another video shows a crowd peacefully marching down the streets of Bern.

Earlier videos and photos from Bern show crowds gathering at a transit station and chanting “Liberte!” – ‘freedom’ in French, one of the languages used in Switzerland. The same chant has been used in neighboring France to protest against Covid-19 passports.


Police had been on high alert since morning, however, erecting a fence barrier around the Bundeshaus, the seat of the Swiss parliament.


Last Thursday, protesters against the newly implemented Covid-19 passes clashed with police outside the parliament building. Bern security director Reto Nause described it as an attempt to “storm the federal palace,” and the authorities responded by dispersing demonstrators with water cannon and banning future “unauthorized” rallies.

Citing a rise in the number of coronavirus cases, Switzerland rolled out mandatory Covid-19 passports effective from September 13. The certificate shows proof of vaccination, recovery or a recent negative test result, and has to be presented to enter restaurants, bars, gyms or other indoor public spaces. The measure is scheduled to expire in January 2022.


  1. It’s Kent State University all. Over again except this time round the media aren’t rushing the number one smash hit record Rubber Bullets to the tip of the charts around the world Guess why that is.

  2. 2 lesser known facts about the country known for hiding $. It’s legal to eat your PETS there AND the entire country’s border is booby-trapped. When you put those 2 odd things together, you have a country that not only acts like a castle, but also has morals that resemble a satanic cult. Now add attacking freedom loving locals to that.

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