Psychologist Loses His License After Speaking Out Against the World Economic Forum

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Psychologist loses his license after criticizing the World Economic Forum

A top psychologist has lost his license after speaking out against the World Economic Forum and their ‘Great Reset’ agenda on social media.

Belgian Psychologist Steve Van Herreweghe has received a two-year suspension for his statements online about The Great Reset and the WEF. Van Herreweghe says he intends to appeal the decision made by the disciplinary board of the Psychologists’ Commission. reports: Van Herreweghe took to Twitter to express his opposition to the suspension, stating that the issue is not about his title but rather the perceived injustice of the decision and the rejection of his right to free speech. He believes that everyone should have the right to express their opinions on matters related to public health and well-being without fear of political or commercial interference.

Van Herreweghe used his social media platform to voice his concerns about The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum (WEF), which he believes are components of a larger effort to establish a “New World Order.” He has singled out virologists Steven Van Gucht and Marc Van Ranst in his posts, referring to them as “ordinary, well-paid, narcissistic hostages commissioned by WEF puppet governments.”

Van Gucht is a Belgian virologist who has been a key figure in the country’s controversial Covid response, while Van Ranst is a prominent epidemiologist who has been outspoken about the pandemic and its impact on society. He has strongly advocated for lockdowns and other measures to control the population, which has earned him massive criticism for hurting the economy and citizens’ freedoms.

The Great Reset, a global initiative proposed by the WEF, is a sinister plot to establish a new world order of global governance. Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the WEF, has openly stated that crises, such as the Covid pandemic, present “special opportunities” for the establishment of a new global order. This has led many to realize that the Great Reset aims to undermine national sovereignty and individual freedoms in the pursuit of a technocratic vision of the future.

Van Herreweghe has also made statements on other topics, linking the energy crisis, the financial-economic crisis, the war against Putin, the climate crisis, and the gender identity propaganda to the “Great Reset.” He describes the transgender movement as a “prime example of how alienated humanity is from its deeper nature.” He warns that the trivialization of sexuality is a dangerous trend that could lead to the normalization of pedophilia.

Activist Medical Boards and Associations

Steve Van Herreweghe is not the only healthcare professional to be targeted by his respective medical boards for expressing views that differed from the mainstream narrative. Candian doctors Mary O’Conner and Jordan Peterson both faced and have had to fight to keep their licenses.

Dr. Mary O’Conner’s situation began when Covid hit, and requests for exemptions from masks, PCR tests, and experimental gene therapies flooded in. Dr. O’Conner started writing exemptions but was eventually noticed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), who demanded that she turn over the names of all the patients for she had written exemptions, along with their charts. When she refused, the CPSO sent a team of investigators to seize her patient charts, but they could not find anything as Dr. O’Conner had already moved everything out of her office.

Despite being ordered by the college to cease writing exceptions, Dr. O’Conner persisted in doing so until her license was suspended on December 23, 2021. However, Dr. O’Conner did not receive the notice to stop writing exemptions in time to meet the deadline. She now wonders if this was intentional, as the notice arrived in her email after the deadline had already passed. Consequently, Dr. O’Conner was summoned to Ontario Superior Court on January 7, 2022.

Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology, has also faced scrutiny from his professional association, the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). Peterson’s public statements on topics such as gender identity and political correctness were criticized by the CPA, which released a statement condemning his views. Peterson has also faced protests and backlash from students and faculty at various universities where he has been invited to speak.

In each of these cases, the left-wing activist medical boards and associations involved have taken issue with the views expressed by the healthcare professionals. These situations highlight the challenges faced by those who wish to speak out against the mainstream narrative in their respective fields and the potential and personal consequences they may face for doing so.


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