Wow: The Ugly Truth About Vaccines Is Coming To Light In New Developments

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An absolute must read from Collective Evolution (source):  Modern medicine and the world community currently find themselves at a moral, ethical and legal crossroads. The recent public admittance of Dr. William Thompson as well as other information being forced to the surface has brought to light very ugly truths that will never go away or be ignored.

Health Professionals Can Now Speak Out

Communities have now been mobilized. Nurses and doctors are now free to come forward and speak of the vaccine induced damage they witnessed. It is unwritten protocol to fire or relieve such dissenters of their positions for showing a soul and voicing disagreement among the medical community. The flood gates have opened as mothers and fathers across the world are pouring endless videos of heartbreaking protests directly against the vaccine industry and the CDC for damage to their children.

The silence of the vaccine damaged children has erupted into one solitary voice for justice that is not to be silenced until trials are underway. William Thompson, Dr. Colleen Boyle, Dr. Frank DeStefano, and all other CDC staff that willfully withheld information or simply said nothing and followed orders will face justice.

History has served us a precedent to follow in the name of the Nuremberg Trials and there simply is no excuse for drawing this out any longer. During these trials that took place in 1948, the world tried and convicted many Nazi’s responsible for war crimes and unethical medical experiments. Out of those trials came the establishment of the Nuremberg Code and the Nuremberg Principles as a safeguard against any such future atrocities. Swift justice will be served and the people will not be silent until modern day Medical Nuremberg hearings are on every channel in the country/world.

Legal Action Is An Option

Although brave to come forward, let us not forget that Dr. William ThompsonDr. Colleen BoyleDr. Frank DeStefano and others are now considered legitimate, international criminals awaiting hearing. It matters not what they say from here on out, humanity has enough evidence for proceedings to go forward with a Medical Nuremberg 2.0 if that path is chosen.

The fact that Dr. William Thompson, Dr. Colleen Boyle, and Dr. Frank DeStefano are not in custody is another sad, historically documented example of the failure of our justice system to show teeth towards the crimes of the medical industry. Dr. William Thompson and perhaps the entire CDC have admitted to clear violations of the Nuremberg Principles laid out in 1948. To compound the urgency of this matter to be acted upon, many other international treatise and United Nations doctrines have been breached making this vaccine fraud prosecutable by any nation/country that wishes to side step the apathy of the United States for the good of the world.

Sadly, by the lack of any action from medical oversight committees in the United States, we have sent a clear message to the world that we are the bad guys that either refuse to clean up our own backyard or willfully are criminals like the Nazi’s that sat on the stands in Nuremberg 66 years ago.

Here is a short list of international violations to be further investigated in relation to the willful vaccine induced damages during the research conducted in 2004 by Dr. William Thompson:

Nuremburg Principles:

  • Principle I states, “Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment.”
  • Principle III states, “The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law acted as Head of State or responsible government official does not relieve him from responsibility under international law.”
  • Principle IV states: “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him”.
  • Principle VII states, “Complicity in the commission of a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime against humanity as set forth in Principle VI is a crime under international law.”

Nuremburg Code:

  • 5) No experiment should be conducted where there is a prior reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.
  • 6) The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.
  • 7) Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.
  • 10) During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

Declaration of Geneva:

  • The health of my patient will be my first consideration
  • I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity
  • I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat
  • I will maintain the utmost respect for human life
  • I will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my patient

Declaration of Halsinki:-Operational Principles

  • Article 13: subject to independent ethical review and oversight by a properly convened committee
  • Article 17: Studies should be discontinued if the available information indicates that the original considerations are no longer satisfied
  • Article 16: Information regarding the study should be publicly available
  • Article 27: Ethical publications extend to publication of the results and consideration of any potential conflict of interest
  • Article 30: The interests of the subject after the study is completed should be part of the overall ethical assessment, including assuring their access to the best proven care

International Treatise under the United Nations United Nations Universal Doctrine of Human Rights Convention on the Rights of the Child

  • Article 19: of the Convention states that state parties must “take all appropriate legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child from all forms of physical or mental violence”

The system of Medical Ethics is purposely omitted due to its definition as a system of moral principles that apply values and judgements to the practice of medicine.

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