YouTube Ban Alex Jones’ InfoWars As Crackdown On Alt. Media Goes Nuclear

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YouTube slam the ban hammer down on Alex Jones' InfoWars channel

YouTube has permanently banned Alex Jones’ InfoWars account as the social media giant goes nuclear in its purge of alternative media channels.

The InfoWars account, which had over 2.2 million subscribers, was given a third strike on Saturday and told it would face ‘imminent deletion.’ reports: After one strike was removed earlier in the week, YouTube hit the Alex Jones Channel with a third strike for a video that had already been appealed and restored.

In the video, Jones clearly explains how the victims of the Parkland shooting were not “crisis actors”.

YouTube’s flagging system is clearly being abused in a flagrant effort to shut down Infowars following a public campaign by CNN.

This sets a horrific precedent for free expression and the First Amendment and YouTube is in direct violation of the Communications Decency Act in adopting this approach.


  1. I’d characterize it more as a removal of delusional conspiracy media …which is like flypaper to the most idiotic conspiracy morons on the planet.

  2. if there were no crisis actors….what the hell is David Hogg???…..or was he ‘not’ there…..just says he was?

    • The attack was planned the law officers were told to stand down while the attack was going on. Many reports from those boots on the ground said the opposite of the media agenda. WOW should we wonder or critically think? They tell us NO I say that if we don’t critically think then we as a nation are already lost.

    William Melvin Hicks[1] (December 16, 1961 – February 26, 1994) was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist and musician. His material, encompassing a wide range of social issues including religion, politics, and philosophy, was controversial, and often steeped in dark comedy.
    Just look at the pictures of Bill Hicks and Alex Jones!
    What a joke!

      • Take the wins you can get, but never trust ‘democratic representative’ politicians. They don’t have as much power as it looks. No politicians anywhere are dealing with smartmeter and 5G (upto 100GHz) technology. No one is making a lot of noise over privatising water, not just distribution but actual ownership of it.

      • I have gotten tired of listing to those of you who think everything is the Jewfault. Get over your anti-Semitism and try looking at things in the real world. I despise soreass with the best of them but he doesn’t control Israel nor his native land of Hungary and either one would put him in the deepest pit they could find and throw away the key. You must remember that soreass screwed his own people over in WWII and when asked if he felt bad about it he said “not at all” THATS the enemy

        • Soros is just a Rothchilds agent.

          In 1860 they invented the term anti-semitic…… the term would be used to silence all those that dared to expose jewish crimes.

          • Jewish crimes? Or the crimes of those who have been called jews by the illuminate? Just like the secular leadership of the jewish people in the time of Jesus who claimed to be devout followers of God but really saw their power slipping away with Jesus message. Our world today is filled with those ready to hate and attack but the target of their hate keeps slipping away so they invent others to be the enemy. That is what is destroying the USA

  4. Funny thing, the people that are getting banned from You Tube are popping back up all over the place. There are lotsa law suits being filed and Congressmen are talking about Anti Trust suits and taking You Tube, Twitter, Facebook and Google apart at the seams. I hope they like Apples.

  5. Note to Alex Jones… ok so he may be a Zionist controlled puppet and he may not be…… but remember.. >>>> What you lose on the bends, you pick up on the straights…

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