10 Tragic Events Predicted By The Simpsons

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Did The Simpsons really predict the 9/11 attacks?

In the 25 years it has run, The Simpsons have made eerie predictions about future events that have come true. 

Were these predictions deliberate or merely a ‘coincidence’? Nobody can really answer that other than the makers of the show. 

Below are 10 examples of Simpsons’ predictions, as compiled by disclose.tv. Take a look and make up your own mind:

10. Ebola Outbreak Predicted


In the 1997, Marge holds up a book titled “Curious George and the Ebola Virus.” Then Bart points to a picture he colored in which he is dead. So yeah, The Simpsons predicted the latest Ebola outbreak – or else based the episode on previous Ebola outbreaks that killed hundreds… whichever.

9. 9/11 Predicted


In the episode “New York City Against Homer,” it seems as though the cartoon’s creators already knew there would be some significance to the whole 9/11 – and it was set in an episode where “against NY” was the pretty much the title… Something to think about.

8. Tiger Mauling Of Siegfried And Roy Predicted


Yes, dealing with tigers is a dangerous thing, and Siegfried and Roy do it constantly. But that doesn’t mean they would inevitable be mauled by a tiger! In 1993 The Simpsons aired an episode in which their version of Siegfried and Roy (Gunther and Ernst) are mauled during a performance. In 2003 it happened to the real pair, well to Roy. Coincidence? Inevitable? Or perhaps Clairvoyant?

7. Wrecking Ball Predicted


Okay… So this might not be a “disaster” per se, it really depends how extreme you are when it comes to pop stars run amuck. Also, one can never know if Homer didn’t predict but rather inspired that music video, back in 1994 when The Simpsons Movie came out. Either way, Homer did it first.

6. Mutant Tomatoes Predicted


Back in 1999 The Simpsons suffered from mutant tomatoes due to the nuclear plant, in 2003 the Japanese found themselves having the exact same problem – mind boggling! Isn’t it? Who knew nature would have adverse reactions to nuclear power plants? But the fact that in both cases it was about tomatoes… that’s the thing to focus on!

5. Technological Breakthroughs Predicted

No, this is not a case of life imitating art, or scientists getting cool ideas from extremely popular shows. This is pure premonition. Smart watches, video chats, and of course Apple’s disastrous autocorrect, which has since generated countless fails posted all over the web – and it all started with “Eat up, Martha” back in 1994. Those Apple people, they’ve had so much time to fix it, and still!

4. Horse Meat Scandal Predicted

Before the UK’s Burger King horse meat scandal in early 2013, the Simpsons’ elementary school had already covered it in 1994.

3. Syrian War Predicted


According to an anchor on an Egyptian channel The Simpsons had predicted the Syrian’s resistance flag, which didn’t exist in 2001.

We won’t mention that the history of the Syrian flag… Let us just say, for the sake of predictions, that America has long conspired to bring war to Syria and break its own word on participating in wars abroad, and thus removing any credibility from its administration.

2. Farmville Phenomenon Predicted


Before Facebook even started and Farmville became a phenomenon among children and draining their minds to zombie level, in 1998 the children from Springfield’s Elementary school were already hooked on a Yard Work simulator. The zombie apocalypse has been predicted!

1. Voting Booth Disaster Predicted


In 2008 Homer tried to vote for Obama, but the voting was rigged, much like the real-life event in 2012. This is truly a harsh blow to democracy, which could have easily been avoided if people started paying closer attention to The Simpsons.

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