‘Real’ Alien Selfie Results In 4chan Being Taken Offline

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Spooky alien selfie results in 4chan website being temporarily shut down

A photograph of a reptilian alien taken outside of Luke Air Force Base was posted to 4chan on Thursday, shortly before the entire website got mysteriously taken offline. 

On Thursday morning, hundreds of 4chan users swear to have seen a photograph depicting what looks like a reptilian alien-like creature taking a selfie in the Arizona desert.

In a thread, titled “24489 Taken Aprox 24 miles north west of Luke Airforce Base Phoenix Az. Lab H4C” on 4chan’s /pol/ board, an anonymous user posted a picture of an alien with yellow scales, black eyes, and small pursed lips looking directly at the camera.

The thread was posted between 12am and 2am, and lasted just minutes before the entire site got taken offline and all images/posts relating to the alien picture were wiped.

Reddit.com reports:

Thread from 4am that morning – http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/113782058

Thread at 10am – http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/113816232/

Later that afternoon – http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/113844675 (this is the first point at which the alien is said to be outside in the photo)

*Thread from immediately after outage, discussing removal of posts/imagery – http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/113791519

Descriptions (based off of earliest posts) – “The aliens head was seen from the left side and it was looking to the left in the picture and slightly at the camera.

Almost diagonally” “I did see the alien, yellow scales black eyes with small pursed lips. Thought it was a shill thread so didn’t open but saw the pic” “They ayylmao looked like it had scales all over and was dark in colour. Its eyes looked like dried up prunes and had human like features but much smaller in comparison to its head.” – Poster from previous thread “Nah not even close. It was a super high quality photo.”

See the threads above for other matching descriptions, however none of the images posted so far have been even close.

This is the only remaining photo still circulating, which is allegedly from the corrupted original image data (below):


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