700 Whales Die Within Days Amid “Unprecedented” Deaths of Tens of Millions of Birds

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500 whales die amid unprecedented deaths of millions of birds worldwide

700 whales have died in the last three weeks amid “unprecedented” deaths of millions of birds around the world, according to reports.

Nearly 500 whales were found dead in ‘heartbreaking’ New Zealand strandings. The whales had beached themselves on the Chatham Islands, Sky News reports.

Around the same time, 200 stranded pilot whales were found dead on Tasmania’s west coast, according to a report by The Guardian.

Meanwhile, nearly 100 million birds are dying in “unprecedented” numbers around the globe:

“47 Million birds killed due to avian flu in Europe – ‘unprecedented’ – An unprecedented number of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus [HPAI] detections were reported in wild and domestic birds from June to September in Europe … with a total of 2,467 outbreaks in poultry and 47.7 million birds culled in affected establishments. In addition, 187 detections were notified in captive birds and 3,573 HPAI events were recorded in wild birds.” (Source)

“50 Million birds killed due to avian flu in America – ‘unprecedented’ – After proliferating globally, a historic wave of avian flu has entered Southern California … Authorities describe the surge as ‘unprecedented’ in scope, breadth and lethality. In North America alone, an estimated 50 million birds have succumbed, which experts say is probably a vast undercount. And though government officials are primarily concerned about poultry farms, the epidemic has struck wild birds, too – from waterfowl to raptors and vultures.” (Source)


    • Very interesting Josey. I haven’t heard anyone else say this, do you know of anyone else feeling this way? Perhaps ascension is near? You may remember the prophet I knew some years ago – she told me we may well be experiencing the End of Days right about now.

      • I am not sure what to make of it, but I am more calm and happier than I have ever been in my entire life right now. I should be shaking in my boots, but I am not.

      • Thru the type of food I eat and the minerals I take, I may have just unpoisoned myself. that could be it.

        • Wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve been doing the same thing due to food allergies. I’m losing excess weight, getting more energy and better mood and even my diabetes is reversing!

          • If you lower your intake of foods that contain purine, you will reduce your joint pain. For example red meat and red wine. Also avoid high fructose corn syrup if you have heartburn.

          • Thank you for that info, appreciated. Will look up purine. I don’t seem to have joint pain though but do have muscle pain. This may help with that.

        • Have read a couple articles what he’s been saying but haven’t heard him mention ascension. He is in process of buying a social media group I do know that, he sounds like he’s doing well and is Christian.

  1. Submarine’s Sonar again? Interfering with the whales sense of direction? Then the whales run aground and can’t get back into the water.

        • Yes, sonar confuses the whales; however, the magnetic field has been disturbed for some time now and that also causes the to be disoriented. Very, very sad, I hate such a huge loss of wildlife. I read the other day that we’ve lost 70% of our wildlife and 80% of our insects which didn’t surprise me. In 2005, we moved to the country in the Appalachians and saw lots of wildlife. The air at night was alive with the sound of crickets, cicadas and the sight of hundreds of fireflies. We also had tons of frogs (7 species) and toads (3 species) they were everywhere. By the time we left 10 yrs later, there were NO fireflies, cicadas or crickets, zero frogs in our pond and no toads. This was after they inundated the entire area with chemtrails for several years, the sky was covered in giant X’s and sometimes we never saw the sun for 6 weeks and that was in the summer. The place was paradise when we arrived and by the time we left it was a graveyard. When we left we drove across country and never in 6 days did we ever have to clean our windshield. In 1989 when I drove cross country, had to clean the windshield from insects 2 times every day sometimes 3 times, just to be able to see. It’s heartbreaking. I especially miss the hummingbirds, which I haven’t seen this past summer, not a one.

          • Interesting.

            So you think there’s been a ransacking of the environment that’s behind what you describe? How?

            It’s interesting about frogs, not a drought?

            We hear it, “Chemtrails,” but just what is a Chemtrail and their function?

            Grasshoppers live in cycles where they peak in numbers in a 25 year cycle.

          • chemtrails, toxins in water such as atrazine (it used to be well known that it caused hormonal changes to humans and animals, as in lowering testosterone in males and things like that, IIRC male frogs were becoming non-sex) and I’ve read a number of articles in the past where FDA deliberately killed off tons of birds and wildlife (who knows why) even seen state by state charts of what was killed and how many, also Bill Gates and his insect experiments such as weaponizing mosquitoes with viruses and I think he actually had some killed off and I also remember them spraying DDT in the streets in Mississippi when I lived here – to kill the mosquitoes we were told but now I see hardly any insects at all and haven’t for years. Yes I know about grasshoppers, my husband has been a biologist for over 60 yrs – we are talking we’ve seen a lot of insects and wildlife become much, much fewer. This isn’t just some random ideas, I’m a naturalist and have been watching nature closely for 56 yrs and documenting things. This has been happening for decades.

          • In the transition from diversified farms, that usually had milk cows, to the mega-farms of today (no cows) the pastures then were full of Milk Weed, that the cattle would not eat-poison. Most farms then had milk cows. The Milk Weed is necessary for the Monarch Butterfly. Well, the small farms are all gone now and so is the Monarch Butterfly.

            And not too much chemicals were needed on a diversified farm; crop rotation would destroy many weed seeds.

            Mowing destroys a lot of the plant material that supports wildlife too.

            These diversified farms supported a lot of insect wildlife.

            Ya, so when the Earth’s terrestrial ecosystem changes so does the life upon it.

            “Milkweed is the host plant for the monarch butterfly. Without milkweed, the larva would not be able to develop into a butterfly. Monarchs use a variety of milkweeds. Monarch larvae ,or caterpillars, feed exclusively on milkweed leaves.”

            “Milkweed poisoning occurs frequently in sheep and cattle and occasionally in horses. Most livestock losses are a result of hungry animals being concentrated around milkweed-infested corrals, bed grounds, and driveways. Poisoning also may occur if animals are fed hay containing large amounts of milkweed.” June 26, 2018

          • OK but how do you account for the fact that tons of frogs, toads, all forms of insects, and about half of our birds, including entire species all disappeared in about 2 yrs? Look, I’ve already told my story and I know what I saw. My husband, a biologist of many, many years knows what he saw and knew this was NOT normal. This has been happening all over. I”m done trying to convince people who simply do not want to believe what I’m saying.

          • When you kill off all the insect life using insecticides, you also kill off the food supply of frogs, toads, newts and small birds si that they starve to death. Insecticides are also poisonous to all animals. large and small and that includes humans. Why do you think that sperm counts in US men are now 50% lower than thirty years ago?

          • Agreed! re: your last sentence – also agreed; however, look up atrazine. They have been putting it in our water for decades and it has been shown to lower sperm count in men by alot. But if you go to Univ of Texas (A&M IIRC) they will say on their website that it causes no harm at all. Hmmm…they are still putting it in our water. I remember someone posted awhile back that they bred very expensive horses and when sperm counts were done it showed that all the horses had lowered sperm counts by about half – this comes not just from the breeder but other breeders as well. These would be horses with premium food, top vet care etc. yet here they were with half the sperm count they should have had.

          • Atrazine, one of the world’s most widely used pesticides, wreaks havoc with the sex lives of adult male frogs, emasculating three-quarters of them and turning one in 10 into females, according to a new study by University of California, Berkeley biologists.

            Any organic chemical compound, that is chlorinated is dangerous to all animal life.

          • This was known a couple decades ago, I remember when it was in the news and is what I was referring to but couldn’t remember exact details – thank you for posting, it refreshed my memory. If it’s doing this to frogs, what is it doing to rest of wildlife and to human males?

          • So called “chem” trails are actually condensation trails left by jet aircraft as they burn jet fuel at high altitude.

            The products of combustion are C02 and H20 plus a small percentage of NOx

            At 35,000 ft altitude the air temperature is minus 65 degrees Fahrenheit, so that the steam from the engine exhaust is rapidly converted to ice particles that look like cirrus clouds.

          • That is a very interesting article about so called geo engineering pushed by megalomaniacs like Bill Gates. Yes, it is possible to seed clouds to initiate rain fall over a small area, but as far as general change on climate goes, it has a minuscule effect. Clouds cover 51% of the earth’s surface on average, reflecting sunlight back into space and also reflect radiated heat from the earth’s surface back to the earth’s surface. This helps to mitigate the diurnal high and low temperature range.

          • That makes very interesting reading. It seems that the US military does have the ability to steer the course of hurricanes using electromagnetic technology from aircraft flying in the vicinity. This confirms some suspicion about hurricane Erin, that was on course to make landfall over Manhattan on 11th September 2001, but miraculously turned West out into the Atlantic ocean.

          • It looks too that the weather can be influenced.
            In 2012 Siberia had a hot summer, and Putin stated publicly that if the weather machine wasn’t turned off he’d bomb it. After this proclamation the weather in Siberia returned to normal.

          • SPACE WEATHER. GRB BOAT oct 17th 2022 RECORDED AROUND THE WORLD but subpressed by the PRESS!!!!

          • That was some of it but the thing that really changed was suddenly one day we saw tons of white x’s covering the entire sky and there was very little sunlight. Before that, the sky was always clear, deep blue and we had triple rainbows several times a year. It was like living in the Garden of Eden. Everything changed after that and it went on for years. Every year there were alot less insects and wildlife where before there were tons of insects. Ladybugs covered everyone’s window sills in only a few days because there were that many, for example. We had tons of frogs in our pond and they sang all the time. After about 2 yrs there was one lonely little frog. THe wildlife and insects never recovered. Also every single place we went, just about every single tree had outer bark that was pelling off the tree and the trees were all dying. This was in the rural Appalachians, which had huge woods and forests and is known for having alot of biological diversity, wildlife and tons of insects. I really think it was the chemtrails that was the thing that changed it all.

          • Correlation of two variables in a dynamic system does not tell us which one is the cause and which one is the effect. So called chem trails are made up of ice particles similar to cirrus clouds. They dissipate depending on high altitude wind conditions and humidity. The only effect I can think of is that they reflect sunlight back into space, causing a slight cooling of the earth’s surface.

            If you really think about it pesticides are designed to kill insects and they do, plus all the other wildlife that depend on insects for their food like frogs, toads, and small birds.

            Years ago when I was a boy in England I could see hundreds of swallows and swifts flying overhead on summer evenings, who were catching mosquitos on the wing. Now they have all disappeared.

  2. And I saw a report saying that BILLIONS, of crabs have just disappeared too. I think it’s 5g related. That and other SCIENTIFIC miracles of service to the ites, military agendas as totalitarian fascists in disguise,.

    • DR.andrew klekociuk of TASMANIA also recorded the wave lengths of GRB-221009A on oct 17th 2022.They can IONIZE the earths atmosphere

      • And ionizising radiation is the cause of breast cancer amongst others If they hadn’t damaged our earth’s atmosphere by testing nuclear weapons it wouldn’t be able to reach us, but they did.

        • GRB-221009A the brightest of all time on oct17th RECORDED AROUND THE GLOBE was also the closest GAMMA RAY BURST and most powerful.10X`s that of any GBR ever recorded with electrical currents all the way into the earth-it`s self!.With that much energy the ATMOSPHERE can IONIZE anything in the seas or air could die also!OR just be weaken by the Gamma`s cosmics and Xrays bombarding us.SUPRESSION of GBRs by fake and unfake press? owned by big biz ONE% hidding in thier bunkers?

    • It’s for sure over-harvesting related. When these populations are harvested to the maximums established by studies and known factors any unknown or unpredictable thing can happen and push them into steep decline.

    • ask yourself is this even a factual story. Submarines do a lot of things that kill animals in the sea by accident.
      This has nothing to do with climate change.

      • Climate change isn’t real but things like chemtrails, toxic substances (especially in the ocean) and a very disrupted magnetic field are real. I read several years ago that FDA was killing birds due to avian flu, they didn’t want it to spread. See my comment above to Rusty, we’ve lost tons of wildlife.

  3. GAMMA RAY BURST boat happened on oct17/2022.THE EVENT is GRB 22109A over tens times that of any GAMMA ray burst before in HISTORY!.GAMMA RAYS COSMIC RAYS XRAYS bombarding ever since and even before we got fully into its`path

  4. 50 year old carbon dioxide and air pollutions of all types plus all the space junk a man made astro belt you can watch in live time on cgtn so a sick world just like sick building plus the oct17th BOAT event of gamma ray burst means death and cancers accross the board.MARK 4;12

  5. our seas are garbage dumps and have even more pollution than our space JUNK atmosphere EVERYTHING drains into our waste water seas.THE EARTH IS SICK

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