A Billion People Should Stop Eating Meat To Save The Climate Siemens Chairman Tells WEF Panel

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Siemens AG chairman said the future will bring proteins that are zero carbon & tastier than meat

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The chairman of the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe told a panel at the World Economic Forum that at least a billion people should stop eating meat in order to save the climate.

Jim Hagemann Snabe, pushed the Great Reset agenda of replacing meat with synthetic proteins at a “Mobilizing for Climate” panel at the annual globalist meeting in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday.

“If a billion people stop eating meat, I tell you, it has a big impact. Not only does it have a big impact on the current food system, but it will also inspire innovation of food systems,” the Danish businessman and chairman of the German manufacturing giant Siemens said, adding: “I predict we will have proteins not coming from meat in the future, they will probably taste even better.”

Breitbart reports: The German multinational conglomerate has been a central figure in the so-far disastrous green agenda in the economic heart of Europe, which has left Germany vulnerable to the machinations of global politics, namely Russia’s war in Ukraine. However, the push towards an allegedly greener future has seen Siemens criticised for its alleged ties to the forced labour system in the Communist Chinese concentration camp region of Xinjiang, which is a leading producer of solar panel components.

Despite Seimens’ own sordid history of using forced labour during the reign of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party, the current CEO of the company, Roland Busch, said last year that the EU should not pressure Beijing over forced labour as it might stall the progress of the green agenda.

The World Economic Forum has also been at the forefront of the meat-free future movement, arguing that people should opt for more “climate beneficial foods” such as algae, seaweed and cacti.

The Klaus Schwab-founded organisation that pioneered the idea of a “Great Reset” of capitalism, has also promoted the idea of eating insect protein rather than meat to lessen the impact of supposedly man-made climate change.


  1. Before we force millions of people to do, or not do, anything, we need to PROVE that there is a need for it. There is NO hard scientific proof that this Climate THEORY is anything other than a World Domination scam to control ALL energy use & everything we do that pertains to energy use…which is everything.

  2. Gluten is protein. Your daily bread The only thing you need from meat is minute traces of Taurine really. Minute And you don’t need to be like cavemen killing animals at all. They didn’t have packaging or refrigeration. And Australian aboriginals are living proof that meat is not necessary, except occasionally
    maybe, although after almost 300 years of being infiltrated and brainwashed they now think exactly as the elite want them too, and don’t even know it.

    • I am going to have to disagree with you on that one. in a large way.
      We are primarily meat eaters first.
      Vegan diets have been shown to cause great health problems in people. Parents forcing their children to be vegans is child abuse. I understand how you would think the way you do, but you have been lied to.
      I have gone all meat, and my weight, health, blood work have return to a healthy state. i feel great, I am 60 and on zero medications, I get boners easily, sleep like a baby, I wear 30 by 30 jeans, my abdominal internal fat is GONE!
      I don’t even work out, or do cardio, or have any excersie program. I need to, but I am actually lazy that way, but my muscle tone is defined.
      It is incredible, I am shocked after decades of pursuing good health habits, I went all meat and like magic.
      I am not lying to you brother. Telling you the truth.
      Maybe it is not from meat eating, because it may be divine intervention, but was so much discomfort, and dropped down to my knees and prayed to God to show me what i needed to do, what I needed to eat, to get better. And he did.
      YOu can take it or leave it, but I am not lying to you.

    • I got my information from God, so I would not directly copy me, but as for divine guidance from the most high.

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