A Step Closer To War Between Russia And UK

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British Pilots Told To Engage Russian Aircraft Over Iraq If Threatened


RAF Tornados are reportedly ready to stand up to Russian Jets in a supersonic battle over the volatile Middle eastern skies.

British ministers have raised their concerns for peace and security in Iraq and Syria by blaming Russia for creating a “much more dangerous” situation in the middle east. This has led the defense chiefs to order RAF Tornados to be prepared for engagement with President Putin’s air force, which could lead the way to war and a possible nuclear confrontation. All efforts by the concerned parties is to fight ISIS which is also threatening with nuclear Armageddon.

The Sunday Express reports:

RAF jets will be armed with advanced short range air-to-air missiles and British and Nato pilots have been told to fight for their lives if they are fired upon by Vladimir Putin’s air force.

Senior defence sources said British fighters are likely to be involved in a deadly air battle with Russian aircraft sooner rather than later.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, a source said: “We need to protect our pilots but at the same time we’re taking a step closer to war. It will only take one plane to be shot down in an air-to-air battle and the whole landscape will change.”

The RAF Tornados will each carry up to four supersonic weapons that cost £200,000 each and are capable of blasting any aircraft out of the sky.

The missiles can fly at three times the speed of sound – 2,300 miles an hour – and lock onto their targets using an infrared heat seeker.

Each one is filled with 22lb of high explosives and can be programmed to blow up upon impact or a certain distance from its target.

Defence chiefs believe there is a real possibility a British jet could be attacked or shot down in a dogfight with a Russian pilot.

RAF pilots have reportedly been told to avoid contact with Russian jets but have been warned to be prepared to fight back if fired upon.

A second source said: “No one knows what the Russians will do next. We don’t know how they will respond if they come into contact with a Western jet.

“When planes are flying at supersonic speeds the airspace gets crowded very quickly. There could be a collision or a Russian pilot might be mistakenly shot down.”

RAF crews have dropped more than 250 bombs on Islamic State (ISIS) targets in Iraq.

Defence chief Michael Fallon has said the government will try to convince Parliament to extend the bombing campaign into Syria.

He said it was “illogical” to attack Islamic State fighters in Iraq but not in Syria.



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