A Terrifying Ordeal For Two Window Cleaners In China

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Window Cleaners

Two terrified window cleaners were taken for an unexpected ride outside of the 91st floor of a skyscraper in Shanghai.
The platform they were working on becomes detached from its mooring and begins to swing violently. It repeatedly smashes into the super-tall skyscraper.

The video shows Chinese window cleaners trapped inside their window cleaning platform, as it sways wildly outside of the 91st floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center. Their ordeal lasted 15 minutes. The platform slams into the building raining a shower of glass both inside and outside the skyscraper.

The two men wave their arms for attention as the massive platform slams into the side of the window of one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. They were rescued and taken to hospital for minor injuries.

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It appears to have been a terrifying ordeal for all concerned.


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