Actor Michael Caine Changes Name Because Of ISIS Stuff

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Michael Caine

Oscar winning British actor Michael Caine would like to be called by his new name from now on because of terrorist organisation ISIS.

Not a lot of people know this. The timeless legend of cinema is known as Michael Caine on his new passport.

The 83-year-old working cockney actor blamed ISIS for his decision to change name by deed poll.

CTV News reports:

The 83-year-old, born Maurice Micklewhite, says he adopted the stage name Michael Caine decades ago. But his official name remained on his passport, which he said caused some unnecessary delays at airport security.

The Academy Award-winning actor told The Sun: “I changed my name when all the stuff started with ISIS and all that.”

Caine said airport security guards would recognize him before he’d hand them a passport with the name Maurice Micklewhite, causing some confusion.

“I could stand there for an hour,” he said. “So I changed my name.”

Michael Caine
Michael Caine in Zulu, 1964.
The film by Cy Endfield was released on the 85th anniversary of the Battle of Rorke’s Drift and gave Michael Caine his first screen performance.


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