ADL Officially Supports Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis: ‘They Are Pro-Jewish Now’

Fact checked
ADL say they now officially support Ukrainian nazis

The Anti-Defamation League has declared its full support for Ukraine’s neo-Nazi groups on the grounds that they are allegedly “pro-Jewish now.”

Yes, really.

In an article entitled, “Why is Putin Calling the Ukrainian Government a Bunch of Nazis?” the ADL interviewed David Fishman, professor of Jewish History at The Jewish Theological Seminary, to explain why Ukraine’s neo-Nazis should be fully embraced.

“There are neo-Nazis in Ukraine, just as there are in the U.S., and in Russia for that matter. But they are a very marginal group with no political influence and who don’t attack Jews or Jewish institutions in Ukraine,” Fishman declared.

Information Liberation reports: “Russia has for years highlighted the activity of a marginal group of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists as a way of trying to stigmatize all of Ukraine,” Fishman claimed. “Yes, some members of these ultra-nationalist groups have used Nazi insignia, made Hitler salutes, and used antisemitic rhetoric, but they are politically insignificant and in no way representative of Ukraine. The political parties which the ultra-nationalists support received just over 2 percent of the vote in the 2019 elections. Ukraine is a flawed democracy, but unquestionably a democracy, and in no way a Nazi regime.”

Ukraine’s neo-Nazis are the good type of neo-Nazis because they’re funded and armed by Israeli billionaires.


  1. So he’s trying to suck Israel into teaming up against Russia too
    Lining them up to be bombed by Iran, so he’s really anti semitic.

  2. There’s around 40 +million Ukrainians. There’s around maybe 400,000 Jews divided into different sub groups.
    There’s no way the around 40 million Orthodox and some Catholic Ukrainians elected Zelensky.

    • So ww3 is going to be the ultimate holocaust denial and whitewash of the Catholic Nazi party. By the end they will have convinced the world the holocaust was a lie perpetrated by enemies of the Vatican.All the Catholic world leaders are rushing to support Ukraine newJewish led nazi party against the evil Russian orthodox who are the antisemites. They will spin it that the Russians caused the holocaust later. That’s what they’re like.

      • And really it’s the Catholics Johnson Trudeau Macron Biden lining up against the Orthodox.Russians and the Orthodox Ukrainians will be the cannon fodder too. Then the basically Protestant English Aussies, French and other Europeans and ill bet the Catholic Canadians will hardly sent anyone at all They ll find a load of Protestant Canadians to send with some unwanted Catholics included.

      • The interesting bit is going to be Brazil. Since Pope Francis was Bishop of Brazil since 1992, until he became Pope 20 year later 21, why are they all cosy with Russia and China and India? Who set that up? And bishops are next to King’s and Queens on the board and Pope’s are King’s. What’s the story about Brazil morning glory?. But perhaps a clue is, I had to check when frantic started in Brazil so did a Google search, Pope francis and Brazil, and there was all those stories of Franco visiting Brazil and speaking in. Brazil etc but none mentioned he had lived there for 21 years as Bishop. Why?

  3. Z can`t LIVE with or without Russia so he is getting half of ukraine the half that is pro natzy and russia gets the pro russian half until ZZzz-boZO fads away in his own HELLY DMZ that he built and that he is hidding behind the american tax payers by 1% proxySS INN the nowhere

  4. the Nazis were Talmudic Jews. Wrap your heads around that one. Hitler mother was a maid in the rothschild’s house.

    • Bingo. This is the huge secret they don’t want let out.I did read however, that it was the Khazarian Jews – what do you think Josey? Do you remember where you read/heard it was Orthodox? I knew a Jewish woman who told me there was
      a lot of pedophilia in Orthodox Jewish community so it would make sense it was the Orthodox. At any rate, Nazis were some form of Jewish. Hitler even sent the ones with $ to Palestine at start of WW2 so they would be safe. So much has been hidden from us. Revelations was right, in end days it will all be revealed.

      • my developing understandings are that the “good” jews were targeted. the non zionist jews were killed by hitler. also Christians.
        History as you know is written by the bankers.
        The German/Soviet battle was to kill Christian men. Just look at what the two leaders did at the battle of Stalingrad. it was simply a meat grinder. The bravest Germans and Russians were setup to slaughter each other.

        • Wow, didn’t know that about the German/Russian battle. Not surprised. In 1977 I went thru Europe and was in the location in Russia where Germans met the Russians. The barricades were still there and I’m guessing they still are. Their attitude was NEVER FORGET. They lost ALOT of people, can’t remember the numbers. Didn’t know it was Christians but did hear it was brutal – meat grinder describes it. Makes sense it’s about the non-zionist vs. zionists so it looks like it was the Talmudic Jews.

          • keep in mind I am only developing my understanding of this. I may not be 100% correct, but I know I am very close.

          • Yes, I understand, I did catch the words “developing understanding” and appreciate your honesty. I think you are on the right track and very close, too. Thanks for sharing, that’s a pretty sizeable piece of the puzzle.

          • Normandy was also a meat grinder for the USA’s finest and bravest. Battle of the bulge was a set up.
            General Patton after the war was figuring this all out, so they killed him in a staged car accident.
            One of the last things he said was “we backed the wrong side”. even he didn’t quite understand the entire situation but was dangerously close to discovering the whole truth. they had to kill him.

          • I read that, too – but in bits/pieces, you’ve put it all together for me. My first clue is that FDR, Churchill and Stalin formed an alliance – why did we ally with communists?? I also have known that Pearl Harbor was planned and FDR knew about it.

          • another dot of truth to move your pencil to….. The MIG15 jet fighter used in the Korean war by the North Koreans, the new soviet jet fighter, Its engine was an British engine. The British sold the licenses and plans for the jet engine to Stalin. they continued to support the technology development and improvements thru out the conflict. If that doesn’t tell you something.

            Hitler’s troop transport trucks were ford trucks.

            Exxon sold oil to Hitler through out the war.

          • Now why would the Brits do that? I’ve read that Edward VIII, who abdicated, was a Nazi supporter, along with his wife. I think it was you who told me Churchill was a Nazi supporter, too, along with some other bit of info I forget?

  5. SO not true and there are way more jewish people in russia and ukraine that don`t back Z.He is talking out of his oligarchy antagonism agenda for Biden&Z were the money train parks at

  6. WOODy is a fake allen also so the money train parks there too because I parked it there ages ago thinking he was real like cyde decker WW2 OP jewish IN tell

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