African Tour Guide Killed – Crushed To Death By Rhino

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A tour guide was killed by being crushed to death by a rhino at a reserve in Zimbabwe.

From The International Business Times:

Tafadzwa Gosho, who was described as “an experienced rhino handler” was tending the rhino at the Imire Game Park, about 25 miles from Harare, when the incident occured.

The park’s director Kate Travers, said the incident happened on Monday (31 August) night, adding that it was a very rare occurrence. Mr Gosho’s death comes a few weeks after tour guide Quinn Swales was killed by a male lion while showing walkers around Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. He was following tracks when the lion, called Nxaha, jumped at him.

According to the park’s website, the reserve is an “intensive black rhino breeding station” and has a history of releasing the animals into the wild.

Wildlife tourism in Zimbabwe has been the focus of public interest after American dentist and trophy hunter Walter Palmer killed Cecil the lion. The 13-year-old prized lion was lured from Hwange National Park, a Zimbabwean nature reserve, on 1 July. He was shot with a crossbow, before being tracked for 40 hours and then shot with a rifle. The lion was then decapitated and skinned for trophies.

The hunter, who faced global condemnation for the barbaric killing, issued an apology stating that he “deeply regrets” his actions and did not realise the majestic animal was so revered. Two people are expected to go on trial over the hunt midst calls for Palmer, to return to Zimbabwe and face charges.

200,000 people signed a petition demanding that the US hunter is brought to justice. The petition on the Care2 Petitions site asks Zimbabwe to stop issuing permits that allow hunting of endangered animals.

The incident is under investigation by the Zimbabwean and American authorities.


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