After Hitler remark, Hillary again strikes at Putin

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From The Indian Republic: “Former U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that though Russian President Vladimir Putin is tough but a very thin-skinned leader who is wasting his country’s potential. The statement came on Wednesday, just a day after she compared his actions in Crimea with that of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.

Clinton, who is a probable contender for Presidency in the year 2016, during her speech at University of California in Los Angeles, warned that all the parties should refrain from taking steps that can lead to misinterpretation or miscalculation at delicate times.

Putin had justified his actions of moving troops in Crimea saying he was defending traditional Russians.

On Tuesday, at a fundraising luncheon in Long Beach, Hillary Clinton said that Putin’s actions are akin to unjustifiable action in the Nazi era in Czechoslovakia and Romania.

Clinton further said actions are same as what Hitler did in the 30s, stating that Hitler kept saying that his people are not being treated properly and that he must go and defend his people.

In a response to a question at the UCLA talk, former State Secretary said that she was not drawing comparison but maintained that Russian actions were resonant to the claims Germany made in the 1930s when the Nazis carried out actions to defend German minorities in Poland and in Europe.

Clinton, while adding that she is not making a comparison said that she just wants everyone to keep a little history in perspective and added that they should learn from the tactic which has been used before.

Hillary further said in order to “re-Sovietize” the boundary of Russia, Putin is wasting the potential of his country and threatening peace and instability in the Europe.

Some republicans, including Sen. John McCain have criticized the policy of Obama administration in Ukraine. Clinton, however, supported Obama’s assessment that Russian intervention was a violation of international law and stated she stands by the administration’s call for Russia to restrain from the threat or usage of force.

A Russian expert at Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Kathryn Stone, said she found Clinton’s comparison between Putin and Nazi era a bit too stretched, as Putin does seem to be intending on spreading throughout the Ukraine and occupying the area forever.

Stoner added that in a delicate situation like this, it is not helpful for either side to say anything of that sort as it can lead to diplomatic disasters.

News Source: The Republic News Network”

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