ISIS Issue Terror Warning, Threatens Children Ahead Of Paris Attacks Anniversary

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ISIS have threatened to mark the anniversary of the 2015 Paris attacks with another atrocity in the city

A poster released by the ISIS linked propaganda group, Wafa Media Foundation, shows the Eiffel Tower merged with a rifle and warns that children will be targeted in a new onslaught in the French capital.

The poster says: “We will take revenge for the blood of Muslims on your land. We will kill the young before the older watch this.”

The Mail Online reports:  Monday marks the two years since the terror attacks on Paris which saw Islamic State attackers killed 130 people in cafes, the national stadium and the Bataclan theater on November 13.

Last month, France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian that the devastating November 2015 attacks had ‘not gone unpunished’ after ISIS was expelled from its Syrian stronghold Raqqa.

‘I was very moved by this victory because everyone knows that it was from Raqqa that the orders came, the decisions were made, the perpetrators of the attacks in France came,’ Le Drian said on a visit to Madrid.

‘So the crimes of the Bataclan have not gone unpunished,’ he said in reference to the concert venue where IS jihadists massacred 90 concert-goers on November 13, 2015.

Shortly after this, Wafa’ published disturbing mocked mocked up images of footballers Cristiano Ronaldo , Lionel Messi and Neymar facing execution or dead.


In one image, a bloodied and bruised Ronaldo, is seen kneeling with a jihadist holding a knife behind him.

The Portuguese star has a black eye and there is a pile of rubble and broken bones in the background.

The poster has a World Cup 2018 logo on the left hand side with the words: ‘Our words are what you see NOT what you hear. So, just you wait. We are WAITING too…’ at the bottom.

In another poster Messi appears to have been beheaded while Brazilian player Neymar is depicted on his knees crying, as a terrorist stands beside both with a knife in his hands.

The poster reads: ‘You will not enjoy security until we live it in Muslim lands.’





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    In every ISLAMIC country with a Muslim majority, …there are no minority rights!

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    Defending your person, your family, your country from attack and invasion from those forcing a violent, terrorist, genocidal ideology on western civilization…is …not … islamophobia ….or racist. ….It is just common sense.

    The people of Europe, Britain and Canada must throw down their treasonous leaders forcing this evil upon them.

    ……………………………………..The USA just did, Nov. 8, 2016!

  2. The West does NOT need to allow thousands of backward, 7th century, unvetted and violent muslim savages into our countries that have ‘enshrined’ sexual slavery, rape, forced conversion, murder and genocide in their FAKE religion!

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