NASA: ‘Global Warming Doesn’t Exist’

Fact checked
NASA declares global warming no longer exists

There has been no global warming for 8 years and 5 months, according to official data released by NASA this week.

The data proves that man-made global warming is the biggest scientific hoax of all time. reports: As the third successive year of la Niña settles into its stride, the New Pause has lengthened by another month (and very nearly by two months). There has been no trend in the UAH global mean lower-troposphere temperature anomalies since September 2014: 8 years 5 months and counting.

As always, the New Pause is not a prediction: it is a measurement. It represents the farthest back one can go using the world’s most reliable global mean temperature dataset without finding a warming trend.

The sheer frequency and length of these Pauses provide a graphic demonstration, readily understandable to all, that It’s Not Worse Than We Thought – that global warming is slow, small, harmless and, on the evidence to date at any rate, strongly net-beneficial.

Again as always, here is the full UAH monthly-anomalies dataset since it began in December 1978. The uptrend remains steady at 0.134 K decade–1.

The gentle warming of recent decades, during which nearly all of our influence on global temperature has arisen, is a very long way below what was originally predicted – and still is predicted.

In IPCC (1990), on the business-as-usual Scenario A emissions scenario that is far closer to outturn than B, C or D, predicted warming to 2100 was 0.3 [0.2, 0.5] K decade–1, implying 3 [2, 5] K ECS, just as IPCC (2021) predicts. Yet in the 33 years since 1990 the real-world warming rate has been only 0.137 K decade–1, showing practically no acceleration compared with the 0.134 K decade–1 over the whole 44-year period since 1978. 

IPCC’s midrange decadal-warming prediction was thus excessive by 0.16 [0.06, 0.36] K decade–1,  or 120% [50%, 260%].

Why, then, the mounting hysteria – in Western nations only – about the imagined and (so far, at any rate) imaginary threat of global warming rapid enough to be catastrophic?


  1. but climate change exist, right?
    wonder why NASA is going off script? This is going to cost someone their life. unfortunate accident.

  2. No ot doesn’t It’s Haarp and Darpa and scientists Even in 1975 Stan Deyo ex air force space officer was selling his book The Cosmic Conspiracy on university campuses here in ausyralia (because only federal police have jurisdiction on campus, not State police and so he could rush in sell his books during lunch break and slip away before the Feds could be alerted) which told all about the weather warfare plans they had set up. Globally already then. Its not new. Its old sciences. He’s gone very quiet about it all and moved back to the states and now sells some device to protect you against electric based evil energies. But his site didn’t return my requests for more Information. Not surprising
    Never trust anyone.

    • Stan is not the man and surge protection was invented long before this snake oil back dating paperback hack was even alive.He`s right in your masky club HAH HAH HAH RRR u 90 plus2?

  3. can we stop with the constant new polution control requirements put on the car manufacturers? Can we stop subsidizing those dumb idea electric cars? Can we stop ruining fantastic gasoline with crappy expensive ethanol?
    Can we just stop the insanity?

  4. We used to burn coal in the 60`s but by that time only the railroads had any to sell and we got the uncrushed Large lumps types and when started on wood they would burn cleanly for two-three days per=large lump.But than we were forced to natural gas until we moved to the ranch then we went totally earth stove wood burners which are still in place to the day min&hour

  5. EV`s are here and gas engines are goin goin near gone and soon you won`t be able to burn gas thats why veg oil is being stolen everywhere.EV converson KITs will fit ANY GAS CAR so not to worry but GEAR HEADS are going to go NUTS without the GAS ENGINE until the new EV gear heads take over

  6. A.I remote and fuel cells and EV are taking over in the RAT RACE or go back home to a buck board and solar cell SUN farm

  7. There was an ice age and then a heat wave and an ice age and another heat wave, and nobody complained until the global warming tax came along and they found it very profitable.

  8. All the LIES from our Gov’t are just invented for the sake of the money-making-mechanics they use to keep the people poor and needy!

  9. COAL is dead as toxic ASH ponds full of dead wildlife and heavy metals WAKE up and smell the ROT of your black lungs.Green also has a heavy price as african kids are slave labored to death.

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  11. Stan Deyo is a bad joke sellin snake oil and BS.Surge protection was patented ages before he was even born and his pipe dreams went up in smoke as he has no inventions in his 76 years all he has done is push his BS paperbacks for his dime

  12. Everything is in cycles, ask Mr. Sun…the NWS placing their “official” thermometers near heat outlets only proves their ineptness, not bamboozled theories…

  13. CO2=plants. Plants=oxygen. Oxygen=life. Common people…we learned this in the lowest of our elementary school grade levels!

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