Alberta Premier Jason Kenney Issues Dire Warning About The ‘Great Reset’

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Jason Kenney, the premier of Canada’s oil-rich province Alberta, has sounded the alarm over the impending Great Reset.

Kenney described it as a “grab bag of left-wing ideas, for less freedom, and more government.”

RT reports: In a four-minute long explainer video on his social media channels, Kenney says the Great Reset is “not a conspiracy theory, but an actual set of concrete proposals” based on a book of the same name by Klaus Schwab. 

Schwab is the president and founder of the World Economic Forum, aka Davos, or as Kenney describes it, the “biggest gathering of global hypocrites in history.”

The premier claims Schwab sent a copy to every government leader around the world, detailing his thesis that governments and societies should seize the opportunity of the public health and economic crisis wreaked by the Covid-19 pandemic to reimagine the world and radically change policies.

Clearly no fan of globalist leadership, Kenney lambastes the Davos elites who presume to “lecture working men and women about how they should reduce their carbon footprint” with “hypocrisy so thick, you can’t even cut it with a knife.”

Throughout the video, Kenney decries the proposed policies that would, in his estimation, create massive poverty, particularly the energy policies advocated by some very influential people, including Canada’s own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

As the premier of Canada’s oil sands heartland, Kenney would naturally gravitate towards more conservative policies to save jobs in his beleaguered province, which has already been ravaged by the oil price crash in recent years.  

However, he still insists that politicians and world leaders should not “exploit or take advantage of a crisis to advance a political agenda,” with a definitive, if suitably Canadian, “heck no!”

“If we’re actually all in this together, like we keep saying, how about we focus on the crisis, on protecting lives and livelihoods, helping people,” Kenney rails, claiming the alternative proposed by proponents of the Great Reset amounts to “a whole bunch of failed socialist policies.” 

He suggests instead that the focus should be on generating economic growth, restarting some of the hundreds of thousands of businesses that will have gone under and helping what he estimates as the “tens of millions” of Covid-19 unemployed around the world back to work. 

Meanwhile, Trudeau has unveiled his ‘historic’ CA$100 billion stimulus plan, despite a projected budget deficit of at least CA$381.6 billion this fiscal year, in a bid to stabilise Canada’s post-pandemic economy. 

The package represents three to four per cent of GDP, and would merely underscore what conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre, whom Kenney cited in his video, described as Trudeau’s alleged “insatiable appetite for spending other people’s money.”

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