Maxine ‘Low IQ’ Waters Claims Obama Is Responsible For Trump’s Booming Economy

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Maxine Waters told MSNBC that former President Barack Obama, not President Trump, deserves all the credit for the economic turnaround.

Mad Maxine Waters dropped jaws on the weekend when she claimed that former President Barack Obama — and not the current President Donald Trump — deserves the credit for the incredible economic turnaround that has occurred in 2018.

On Friday, Trump touted the U.S. gross domestic product hitting 4.1 percent during the second quarter for the first time since 2014. He also stated the nation is on track to achieve its highest annual GDP in 13 years.

The president also pointed out that unemployment claims are at their lowest number since 1969, while the unemployment rate among African-Africans, Hispanics, and Asians reached their lowest levels ever recorded. For the first time in U.S. history there are more jobs available than unemployed Americans.

In contrast, Obama presided over a steadily escalating employment crisis as jobs were shipped overseas, apparently never to return. Obama also told Americans to accept the idea of 2 percent GDP, claiming this lowly figure was the new normal.

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday, Maxine Waters was asked about the impressive numbers recorded by President Trump.

Of course, the economy has improved, and of course he would like to take credit for all of that,” the Californian said.

But in the final analysis,” she continued, “when this country understands and feels what has been done with the tax scam and what that’s going to do for our deficit in this country, it’s going to be reversed.

Conservative Tribune reports: Waters took it a step further, saying  Trump’s economic policies would ultimately “undermine” the good work of the Obama administration.

A combination of the tax scam and the tariffs will undermine all that has been done in the economy that was started by Obama,” she said, according to The Daily Caller.

For the record, the GDP grew at 1.6 percent during Obama’s final year in office in 2016, according to CBS. During Trump’s first year in office, the rate was 2.3 percent, according to CNN Money.

The day after Trump’s election in 2016, the Dow Jones Industrial Average spiked over 250 points, closing at a record high of 18,589, CNN Money reported.

Over the next year, it blew through the 19,000, 20,000…23,000, and now sits at over 25,000.

The 31 percent rise during Trump’s first year represents the best tally since the 1930s, when the market was recovering from the 1929 crash, according to CNBC.

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