Entire Room Ignores Humiliated and Lost Biden As He Wanders Aimlessly

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Joe Biden

An empty husk of a man, ignored and clueless, wandered aimlessly around on a stage on Tuesday, desperately looking for someone, anyone, to acknowledge him.

The world is full of old men in varying states of cognitive decline, so why is man’s social awkwardness making the news?

This man, Joe Biden, happens to be the President of the most powerful country on the planet. In theory at least…

Biden eventually threw his hands up in obvious confusion as no one engaged him, not even his own staff, while Obama was swamped by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Veep Kamala Harris and others.

Let’s face facts. Joe Biden is nobody’s president. Republicans know the score. This man is a fraud. And deep down, Democrats also understand that he is an imposter. An emperor without clothes.

Compare and contrast the reaction in the room for Barack Obama.

The Democrats could not hide their excitement over what they all considered to be their actual POTUS and hero. They flocked to lay hands on their black messiah, while shoving past the useless, lost, octogenarian wreckage that is their current president.

Obama himself ignored the sitting president, shrugging off Biden’s hand on his shoulder.

For his part, Joe seemed to be looking for a 6-year-old to snuggle up with. Or at least Jill to come and take his hand and lead him somewhere else with cookies or pudding.

The irony,” tweeted writer Matthew Betley, “is that this is like that SNL skit where all the world leaders shunned Trump, but it’s happening to Biden by his own people in real life.” 

Obama’s visit should’ve been a boost for a flagging president, not a humiliating “Geritol moment.” It sure seems like Democrats want to lose big this November.

Baxter Dmitry
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