Alec Baldwin: ‘the Virus in USA Began in January of 2017’

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Alec Baldwin declares that the virus in the USA began in January 2017

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin lashed out at President Trump on Tuesday, suggesting his presidency is the real virus in America.

The coronavirus has devastated the lives of millions of hardworking Americans, killing more than 3,000 people to date. But according to Baldwin, the virus afflicting the United States is none other than President Donald Trump.

“The virus in the US began in January of 2017. The vaccine arrives in November,” Baldwin tweeted on Tuesday. reports: The 30 Rock and Mission Impossible movie star is recycling his Trump-bashing material. Last month Baldwin took to social media and called President Trump the true “pandemic that threatens the world.”

But it’s Baldwin, like many of his fellow far-left Hollywood elites, who appears to be out of touch with a majority of the country. Indeed, most people, when asked, give the president high marks for his handling of the coronavirus.

Solidifying a statistical consensus, sixty percent of independents support Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, Gallop polling shows. His overall approval rating is also at 49 percent in the poll taken between March 13-22. A Washington Post/ABC News poll, out this week, also shows that more Americans trust President Trump to handle the pandemic than presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

That’s the same gaffe machine in Joe Biden the Baldwin says has Trump “pissing his madras pants in fear.”

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