5 Arrested For Creating Fake News About Syria

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Five people have been arrested in Egypt for making a fake news video that purports to show carnage caused by Russian air strikes in Syria, according to the Egyptian Interior Ministry.

Five people have been arrested in Egypt for making a fake news video that purports to show carnage caused by Russian air strikes in Syria, according to the Egyptian Interior Ministry.

The fake video was intended for Western audiences and closely resembles many of the videos from Aleppo that have gone viral on social media and been featured by unquestioning mainstream media in recent weeks.

In the fake video, actually filmed in Egypt using Egyptian child actors, an eight-year-old girl wears a white dress and bandages covered in red stains, and holds a teddy bear. A 12-year-old boy is also interviewed about what life is like under intensive Russian-backed Syrian government air strikes.

The statement by Egyptian authorities said the videographer, his assistants, and the parents of two children who appear in the footage were arrested after a trail led police to them at a building site awaiting demolition. The five have reportedly admitted they were planning to distribute their footage on social media.

If you have been following the Syrian war closely, you will have noticed mainstream media has been relying on government propaganda as their sole source of news for the Syrian conflict, rather than sending reporters into the war zone to find out the facts and provide unbiased reports.

If you needed a reason to be skeptical of claims, photographs, and/or videos coming out of the region, Egyptian authorities have just provided it. Certain quarters of the mainstream media have even begun acknowledging this fact.

Of course, this does not mean all footage coming out of the region is fake. It also does not mean every claim made by Russian, Syrian, and Iranian officials about the conflict is true in comparison.

Still, the fact remains that journalists aren’t going to rebel-held areas for fear of execution. Instead, they rely on the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is actually run by one anti-Assad dissident in Coventry, England. So-called Syrian activists and the shady group known as the White Helmets make up the rest of the reports in Syria, even though they both have also been largely criticized and discredited.

The fact the mass media disproportionately focuses on Aleppo while turning a blind eye to the horrendous crimes being committed in Yemen courtesy of the United States, the United Kingdom, and an inexperienced Saudi-led coalition indicates the media’s concerns for human rights in Syria are disingenuous.

As usual, the war is about money not human rights. The corporate media narrative is meant to mislead the unsuspecting American and European public about what is really happening in Syria. By demonizing President Bashar Assad’s government they are attempting to obscure the fact that the United States is supporting rebel groups including Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) and ISIS in the quest to overthrow Assad and secure the profits from a re-routed gas pipeline.

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