Berlin Market Attack Was Most Likely CIA False-Flag Operation

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Berlin Market Attack Was Most Likely CIA False-Flag Operation

The attack on a Berlin Christmas market may be a state-sponsored “false-flag” operation to push Germany to play a more active role in the so-called war on terror in the Middle East, according to Chicago author and journalist Stephen Lendman

At least 12 people were killed and dozens injured when a truck crashed into a crowded market in Berlin on Monday.

Police detained a 23-year-old suspect, Navid B., a Pakistani asylum seeker but have since admitted they may have arrested the wrong man.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the attack as a terrorist act and the interior minister for the German state of Saarland has said that Germany is in a state of war.

Press TV report:

The journalist (Stephen Lendman) opined that “very possibly dirty CIA hands were involved in what happened in Berlin.”

“Germany is a very important US ally and an attack like this could have been staged to get Germany aroused about … terrorism to [keep] Germany on board of America’s imperial agenda in the Middle East,” Lendman said on Tuesday.

The European country has been “part of America’s imperial wars allied with the rogue regional states like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and the other [Persian] Gulf states,” he noted.

According to Lendman, “The timing [of the incident] coincides with the liberation of Aleppo, with the assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey and with the Electoral College in America confirming [US President-elect Donald] Trump’s election as America’s 45th president.”

The Berlin attack came less than a month after the US State Department called for caution in markets and other public places across Europe on the holiday season.

Germany has been spared acts of terror claimed by Daesh such as the 2015 attacks in Paris, but the Takfiri group has claimed two assaults carried out by refugees in Germany. An axe rampage on a train in Wuerzburg in July injured five people, and a bomb attack in Ansbach left 15 people injured.


  1. “The man is aged 21 or 23 and known by three different names, according to reports in the daily Allgemeine Zeitung and the Bild newspaper.”
    “Both said asylum office papers believed to belong to the man were found in the cab of the truck.
    The documents, which announced a stay of deportation, were found under the driver’s seat of the 40-tonne lorry that barrelled through the Christmas market in the heart of the German capital.”

    I find it very strange that someone would leave these behind. A false scent perhaps?

    • they always seem to do this with all false flag ops, it’s weird…., these type of docs being left pointing to the perpetrator, it just seems all too easy, and they have already figured out the motive? Any normal investigation goes on for a long time before the police even know who it is. So yes I agree it is a false flag operation. Question is what is it they are trying to achieve?

  2. “Police say Amri shouted “Allahu Akbar” before dying.”
    Note ‘they say’. A little poetic licence, perhaps added to stir things up?
    “Italian prosecutors have now confirmed the 24-year-old Tunisian-born
    has been killed “without any doubt”.
    Why add ‘without any doubt’ – whose doubting? We all believe the Italian
    Police – don’t we?

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