Alex Soros: ‘Trump Winning Would Destroy the WEF’

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Alex Soros warns Trump winning in 2024 would destroy the WEF.

Alex Soros, the son of globalist billionaire George Soros, has warned that if Donald Trump wins the 2024 election, organizations such as the WEF will cease to exist.

Speaking to a panel Friday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Soros admitted Trump represents a threat to the globalists’ agenda, and warned the former president threatens the very existence of the New World Order.

“The United States, like, you know, has checks and balances…and one man, Donald Trump, literally came in and just took that all away,” Soros nervously said. reports: The commentary came during a 45-minute discussion titled “4.2 Billion People at the Ballot Box,” where Soros also claimed the WEF already considers Trump president.

“In Davos, Donald Trump is already the president,” Soros said, according to CNBC, adding, “That’s a good thing, because the Davos consensus is always wrong.”

Elsewhere during his remarks, Soros joked “when” Trump loses he would try to run again in another four years, saying, “Donald Trump owns the Republican Party. We’re in something I like to call the Trump cycle, because I think even if — and I believe, if the institutions hold, when — he loses this election, he’ll also be the Republican candidate in 2028 and maybe even 2032 as well.”

“What’s the way out for him? He either winds up in prison or he winds up in power, he’s not going off on some beach somewhere and retiring,” Soros added.

Soros also told the global elite to pay attention to what happens in Wisconsin, which could swing for the less “polarizing” Biden.

“But, actually, if you want to look at one state which will really test where the election is, it’s Wisconsin, because if Joe Biden’s able to win Wisconsin, it should mean that he’s won Pennsylvania and Michigan,” he said.

“Biden actually has a particular advantage in a polarized electoral environment, which is that he’s not polarizing.”

In another segment of the discussion, BBC reporter James Harding claimed Trump running for president while being prosecuted is causing a competing interest “between democracy and the Constitution.”

Evidently, the WEF made the discussion private after it aired live on YouTube around 2AM United States time, however, researcher “L” was able to archive the discussion and post it in full to X and Odysee.

Soros previously indicated in the 2024 election he would be supporting Joe Biden, who he’s visited numerous times in the White House during the puppet president’s tenure, and would be re-focusing his Open Society Foundations’ resources toward defeating Trump.

Trump in September labeled Alex Soros a “spoiled little degenerate” for funding the far left DAs and prosecutors behind his political persecution.

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