Alternative Media Vindicated As Rumours About Hillary’s Health Confirmed

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Alternative media vindicated as truth about Hillary's ill-health become mainstream

Sunday’s revelation that Hillary Clinton is seriously ill vindicates many alternative media outlets who have been saying for months that Hillary has sought to suppress just how gravely ill she really is. 

As mainstream news outlets now admit that Hillary may be lying about having pneumonia – and may instead have a more serious neurological problem – her own party are being forced to consider replacing her as their nominee. reports:

In this sense, the developing news about the now official statements of Hillary Clinton’s ill heath are a vindication for both the writers and readers of new media (insultingly called alternative media by some including Clinton), who have dared to question Hilary Clinton’s health.

Whilst I am both a reader and writer of new media, I did not engage in this discussion. I am personally proud of not doing so, though I fully respect those who have done so in a sensible and factual manner and today I congratulate them on their public  vindication.

I celebrate this fact not because I wish Mrs. Clinton any personal ill health; I would never wish ill health on anyone. Where she said of the execution of Gaddafi ‘we came, we saw,  he died’, I would prefer to instead say, ‘I saw, I understood, I wish you well personally…albeit I hope that international justice holds you to account for your war crimes and I hope the next President of the United States is Donald Trump’.

The reason I am celebrating is because the media sources who dared to question more (credit to RT where it is due for the phrase) in spite of every insult in the Western book being thrown at them, have now been vindicated and vindicated on of all days,  the 11th of September, a day in history which has prompted millions the world over to question more of their governments.

The fact that there are questions surrounding the health of Hillary Clinton can no longer legitimately be called any of the following:

-A conspiracy theory

-A right-wing conspiracy

-Kremlin propaganda

-Trump propaganda

It is now a fact. I have no idea if Hillary Clinton’s deceptive media team read the Duran, but if they do I shall say this: I am saddened when any human being is ill and frail. Whilst her record may prove otherwise, the woman called Hillary Clinton is a human being and I wish her a full physical recovery from her now public ailment(s).

I have always felt Hillary Clinton’s blood soaked record was more than enough to disqualify her from any leadership position. Because of this, my position on her candidacy for President of America has not changed.

What has changed is a public vindication of new media who exposed this story long before it went mainstream. No one can no say ‘Putin did it’, no one can now say this is a conspiracy.

I wish Hillary Clinton something she never wished the leader of the Libyan revolution, I wish her something she never provided for the American staff in Benghazi slaughtered in cold blood due to her malfeasance.

I wish her a full physical recovery and wish that she can experience it whilst comfortably watching her television which shall report the inauguration of an imperfect but far preferable candidate for the Presidency of America: Donald Trump.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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