Anonymous Shut Down Spanish Govt Website In Solidarity With Catalonia

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Anonymous have launched Operation Free Catalonia by taking a Spanish government website offline and warning the chaos has just begun.

Anonymous have launched #OperationFreeCatalonia by taking a Spanish government website offline and warning the chaos has just begun.

Days after the Spanish government announced they were taking away Catalonia’s autonomy and imposing direct rule, hacktivist collective Anonymous launched their campaign to make the Spanish government pay for their crimes against the Catalan people.

The Spanish government website was “unreachable” and displayed a connection error message following the Anonymous hack.

Anonymous oppose the Spanish government’s oppression of Catalonia and believe the central government should respect the Catalan people’s decision to form their own sovereign state. Following a series of abuses by the Spanish government against the Catalan people, Anonymous has been forced to act.

Hacktivist group Anonymous, through associated Twitter accounts, is announcing a massive cyberattack for tomorrow… under the name ‘#OpCatalunya’ and ‘#FreeCatalunya’,” read a Tweet from the Department of National Security.

RT reports: A video linked to members of Anonymous suggested that the hacking collective would undertake an operation to ‘free’ Catalonia.

It was shared online in September, ahead of the 1 October independence referendum.

We wish to state that the Catalan people’s desire to express their will via a referendum is the majority view and cuts across all strata of society and it is in keeping with the civic, peaceful and democratic determination expressed in the multitude of demonstrations held,” Anonymous said in its online statement.

The Spanish government, which declared the referendum illegal, has been criticized for its reaction to the vote and the violent crackdown on polling day. Hundreds of people were injured in the region on October 1 as police attempted to prevent the referendum from going ahead.

Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis defended the actions of security personnel, saying the police operations, which left more than 800 people injured, were “proportionate”.

On October 10, Catalonia President Carles Puigdemont declared the region independent, before quickly suspending the declaration pending talks with the Spanish government.

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