Anonymous Say ‘Expect Us’ To ISIS As Day Of Trolling Begins

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Anonymous prepare for their day of ISIS trolling on Friday 11th December

A member from the group Anonymous has told UK newspaper The Express why she is determined to fight ISIS, and why she believes thousands of people from around the world will join Anonymous on Friday December 11 for ‘ISIS trolling day’. reports:

Choosing to be named only as TMT, the masked activist is part of an operation that is disabling thousands of social media accounts belonging to members of Daesh.

Her message for Daesh, is a fairly simply one. “Expect us.”

It is believed thousands more people will join forces with Anonymous on Friday December 11,in what is being dubbed ‘ISIS trolling day’, in a bid to stop the terrorists spreading fear.

The day of defiance will see activists disrupt and mock the death cult, who have killed more than 500 people in the last two months in a wave of deadly attacks.

TMT, speaking behind the familiar Anonymous mask, said: “One of the organisers had the idea to gather a group of their friends and do this as a way to raise awareness and support against ISIS.

“Every hand is needed in this and we just need all the help we can get to battle.”

Anonymous’ efforts are stopping Daesh in its tracks by continually disrupting its propaganda machine and recruitment techniques.

TMT said: “I see Anonymous as a real threat to ISIS, we hold down their communications quite well.

“We not only have their accounts suspended but we also are able to disable their websites so they are not able to do as much recruiting that way, they can’t spread their propaganda as well. It slows them down.”

It is unknown how many people make up Anonymous but hundreds of activists spend countless hours blocking Daesh’s communications as well as holding down full time jobs.

And TMT’s motivation for all of this? The brutal beheading of American journalist James Foley.

Mr Foley was working as a freelance war correspondent when he was abducted in November 2012. He was beheaded in 2014 by notorious murderer Jihadi John in a chilling video posted online.

TMT said: “Personally, [my motivation] was that first beheading that was broadcast last year.

“It just enraged me, the brutality of it, the horror of it and then it seemed to increase rapidly.”

And as ISIS push sickening boundaries with every deadly attack, is there a line Anonymous won’t cross?

“I’m not speaking for Anonymous as a whole but there’s no line I won’t cross,” declares TMT. “I will do whatever I can do in my power to stop their communications.”

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