Another Doctor Found Dead After A ‘Fall’ While Jogging

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Another Doctor Found Dead After A 'Fall' While Jogging

Doctor Donald Stephens, a 65-year-old from Stratford, Prince Edward Island was found dead following an extensive two day search.

He was a marathon runner, previously fit and healthy who frequently ran the trails in the Bonshaw Hills

According to CBC news: The cause and time of Stephens’ death are unknown and will be have to be determined by autopsy.

Though the police say they are not treating the death as suspicious, with so many mysterious doctor deaths of late, its hard not to be suspicious.

Health Nut News reports:

Just weeks ago a super fit 49 year old, 4th generation Marine MD (who served in Afghanistan) with survival training, allegedly slipped and fell all the way into a river while jogging his usual route. Within days, it was declared an accident.

Now, another allegedly healthy and fit MD, who was on the route he’s run countless times before, has died; some say he knew this trail like the back of his hand. But, sadly, Donald Stephens, MD, ultra marathoner, has allegedly died while jogging. Authorities immediately announced it wasn’t suspicious and were very quick to say it was rough terrain with twists (that he’d never had a problem with before).

“Dr. Donald Stephens, 65, was an ultra marathon runner who used trails in the Churchill, Strathgartney and Riverdale areas.

He left home sometime after 8 a.m. March 2 for a run, and was reported missing when he didn’t return home that evening.

An RCMP dog and his handler worked overnight searching the area and a full search and rescue operation, including two helicopters, started early March 3.

The searchers found Stephens’ body around 1 p.m. March 4 in the Bonshaw Hills area. P.E.I.’s coroner’s office is conducting an autopsy to determine a cause of death.”

Our heart goes out to Dr Stephen’s family.

It wouldn’t be so suspicious if we didn’t have countless other doctors dying all around us (including some of our friends) in such mysterious manners.

We are told that Dr Stephens was very much into health and fitness.


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