Chicago Mayor Orders Residents Not To Use Guns to Defend Themselves During Violent Riots

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Chicago's far-left mayor Lori Lightfoot has ordered Chicagoans not to use guns to defend themselves even though the city has descended into lawlessness and chaos in recent weeks under her leadership.

Chicago’s far-left mayor Lori Lightfoot has ordered Chicagoans not to use guns to defend themselves even though the city has descended into lawlessness and chaos in recent weeks under her leadership.

Obviously we’re aware of the fact that Illinois is a concealed carry state, and that many people have weapons at their disposal in their homes and their businesses,” Lightfoot said.

Do not take matters into your own hands. Call the police.

There’s a lot of people out there saying that they see the need to defend themselves as society begins to break down.

And yet, Chicago’s far-left mayor continues to push the liberal gun control line:

Thankfully, when it comes to their personal safety and that of their families, most Americans are smart enough to realize they need to defend themselves and not depend on any government, federal, state or local.

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Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


    • Soros is nothing Hes a blip in the centuries old globalist one world imperialist empire programme If you dont want a one world government dictating your every breath then target the sources ,not their little messengers .

  1. Would you like us to gather in the public square for Seppuku rituals too?

    If you are a business, you need to take your CoVid bail-out money and get out of the city run by this zombie! She literally wants you to lay down and die in the name of some bizarre social justice!!


  2. The Mayor of Chicago proved what type of dirt bag she is. Her incompetence is noted all over the USA… 61 Shot 24 dead just over a week after Memorial Day Weekend and she could care less because she was send cops to arrest and stop churches from opening. She has to throw some crap at the President because she thinks people are actually stupid enough to think she is of any consequence. The state is in the mess it is in because of Pritzker and Lightfoots incompetence not the Presidents or anyone else outside of this corrupt Progressive Illionis state..

  3. Well at least we havent descended to the police joining the mob .Yet Thats coming once the Democrats win next .

  4. She is NOT a RULER, she is a MAYOY, she has ZERO Constitutional Jurisdiction in this matter. NONE.

  5. Lady you need to check into a mental institution. After you’ve destroyed the city you’re gonna tell the citizens that are trying to live that they can’t defend themself with their 2nd amendment. You need therapy because you done lost your mind

  6. She can’t last. She is totally unqualified to be running a city. It seems like she is way over her head. She is going to be responsible for many honest citizens deaths with the way she thinks. If the good people in Chicago value their lives, they had better get her out of there.

  7. Wow, and how is someone suppose to defend themselve? What tell the person that you don’t give them constent to hurt you. Police are too busy to help everyone right now. O and because all this going on we have less police, because of how they are being treated. If police can’t get there in time, people are going to do what they need to do. Wow this mayor is so ignorant! So glad I left that state.

  8. This fkg buffoon wants to eliminate police and then say if attacked call the police don’t shoot!!@#@! Certified reto!!@#@! 🙁 😮

  9. Notice To Public: Please allow your self to be robbed, burglarized, raped or even killed without resistance. Any resistance will be considered racism.

  10. Yeah I’m sure they will obey your order. I’ll tell you what mayor maybe they’ll stop if you get rid of your security detail

  11. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall Not be infringed. It’s not for you to decide how we Americans protect ourselves, business, and families. You are a disgrace to humanity !

  12. Ehm, she means white people. All liberals love gun laws so you can’t shoot their sons, brothers, nephews, cousins all robbing, raping and beating people.

  13. Im just wondering when the good people of Chicago will have enough of this idiot. I figured someone would have drug her ass out of her office by that nasty wig and turned her ugly ass into a wind chime by now.

  14. This is typical of the democrats. The mayor let the rioters destroy the city while she ordered the police to stand down. The honest people who live in the city who pay taxes for police protection and when they needed it, this coward of a mayor told them their lives don’t matter. That’s what voting democrat gets you. Democrats have been in bed with ANTIFA and BLM and the democrats have used the riots as a way to get what they want because they couldn’t get it using the law. If your stupid enough to vote democrat now you deserve to have your house burned and family killed by the democrats attack dogs ANTIFA and BLM.

  15. Just amazing! Call the police? Do you not understand the police are under attack, they can’t possibly respond to all the crime in Chicago?

    Don’t ever lecture us again how nobody needs a magazine that holds more than ten rounds!

  16. Really is this mayor for real?? Asking you and your family to take one for the team?? Why? What kind of commie agenda is this? Does she not believe in the constitution and rule of law? Chicago unfortunately got what they voted for. A spineless, commie mayor.

  17. Someone has a head like a bastard calf. Your bastard headed calf has jumped the fence and left the pasture. Look at her pic again. The face of communism and pure evil. Why can’t liberals see what they are doing to this country? If BLM, I ask why they don’t protest for all the brothers being killed every week in Chicago? Seriously! Shows that BLM doesn’t really matter to them until they address that fact.

  18. Pronouncements by a major or legislature are irrelevant. That is, I care very much what the law says now, because I want the law to be supportive of good citizens in every aspect of life. But if I ever need to consider shooting someone, there are only two possible cases.
    1. If I need to consider whether the law allows me to shoot this person – then obviously I do not really NEED to shoot them, so don’t, regardless what the law might say!
    2. If someone’s action is so bad that I NEED to shoot them right now regardless of any legal or other consequences, then I am forced to shoot, again regardless of what the law might say!
    So either way, my decision cannot ever be based on (human) law, it is based on whether I am forced to shoot someone by their action against me.
    Again, I want the law to support the proper actions of good citizens, while discouraging crime.
    And I am very happy that so far I have never needed a gun for defense. I also have never needed to call the police for an active crime. I will call the police if that is necessary and possible, or shoot someone if that is necessary and possible. I expect someday I will die, and it will most likely be unrelated to any crime.
    Jesus Saves!

  19. I am sure if someone came into your home than that would be a different matter. You have a right to defend yourself if they break into your home. I don’t know what the law is in Illinios

  20. If this little freak thinks the ppl of Chicago are going to stand down and let some thug take them out! She is living in a dream world!!

  21. You cannot ORDER people to not defend themselves. Does Chicago require ANY vetting or background checks of they candidates before election day? This Mayor must’ve escaped from mental institution.

  22. Other than the 2% of criminal citizens and the political community activists who benefits from a passive non defensive public? How many No Show Jobs can there be given out…how much walking around money near election day can convince Chicago citizens to be bought off by thieves in public office????

  23. Nkgoo, geniş kapsamlı bilgi platformudur. Her konuda bilgi içeriği üretme amacıyla yayın hayatına başlamış referans kaynak sitedir. Ayrıca telif hakları konularına da özen gösterilmektedir.

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