Anti-Trump Shooting Survivor Caught Rehearsing Scripted Response With CNN

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Anti-Trump shooting survivor filmed rehearsing scripted responses with CNN crew

An anti-Trump school shooting survivor has been caught on camera rehearsing a scripted response with CNN producers in order to push for a ban on guns.

David Hogg is a fierce critic of Trump and the GOP, accusing them of having blood on their hands by upholding the Second Amendment. reports: And while the media allowed Hogg to adorn us with his worldly teen views on the Constitution, they conveniently left out the part where the FBI was warned that the Florida school shooter had promised to shoot up a school — at least twice — long before the massacre that killed 17 students last week.

If Hogg knew the shooter would snap — as he and other students have professed — perhaps he could have told his father about it.

Oh but wait, his father was in the FBI.

It would not have mattered anyway.

That’s the funny thing about the limelight, kid.

Often the lights can come crashing down on your head.