Founder Confesses: Soros Wanted Antifa More Dangerous Than ISIS

Fact checked
Antifa founder admits George Soros wanted to make terror group more dangerous than ISIS

The founder of domestic terrorist organization Antifa has admitted that George Soros helped turn them into terrorists “more dangerous than ISIS.”

Shayne Hunter, the founder of Antifa Australia, says he quit the radical far-left group after 4 years after he realised that “Soros was using us to start a civil war in every country in the world”.

In an interview with, Shayne describes his experience:

I got radicalised in Sydney. I was originally concerned about Western intervention in Syria. Radical left wing people dominated rallies and I started to associate with them more. My so-called ‘normal’ friends drifted away.

We would hang out at an anarchist library in Sydney. Here a bunch of people on the dole gather enough money to rent out the space and run a bookshop. It’s like extremist networking.

I came to believe that war was a symptom of bigger systems at play in society and they were the real enemy, like white supremacy and patriarchy. Antifa believe these systems need to be smashed through a process of ‘de-platforming’ to save the world. People who don’t necessarily agree on everything are united to attack their common enemy — anyone in the right wing of politics.

This micro-society became my life for four years.

They believe historically their roots were fighting Nazi oppression. They run a website which is updated every couple of weeks with a hit list of right wing names. They believe if these people are allowed to speak, society will suffer. So, they must be pushed back.

There is no mission statement, rather, it’s a dangerous rhetoric. There are a lot of very damaged people who are drawn to it.

Lots of activists came from Sydney University. They invited me along to some of their lectures. When I was organising the ‘Reclaim Australia’ rally and pushing Antifa into Brisbane, we delegated roles out across the gathering. Someone would print pamphlets that got our propaganda out there. Someone else would look after social media and online, we all gathered people to come.

I read that Antifa in the US is training people to shoot and punch. It’s the same here. Antifa in Sydney are doing martial arts to, as they would put it, ‘fight the Nazis’. It’s a paramilitary mindset.

It’s more dangerous than ISIS.

I was ideologically possessed for four years. I would speak louder on public transport so people could hear me speak, hoping they would hear my message.

The radical left of Antifa presents itself as being about compassion and empathy; it’s a Trojan horse. All conversations are about entitlement and rights, not responsibility. When these people talk about freedom, they really mean freedom from responsibility.

Often the people who are drawn to this cult don’t have a strong identity outside it. I’m not a psychologist but, like ISIS, it gives people a sense of belonging to something and having purpose.

A ‘social justice warrior’ cringe video appeared on my social media feed. I didn’t watch it at first. A couple of weeks later it popped up again so I pressed play. It was like seeing the entire cult through an outside lens. It woke me up. I realised that everything I had started to believe was wrong.

You don’t know humiliation until you’ve left a cult; I wasted four years of my life.

I cut ties over time. I’m still in contact with some ex-cult members but I don’t see anyone who’s still active.

In my 20-something generation, social media plays the role of a 24/7 preacher — like a pocket preacher. Each day you’re being validated by the echo chamber on your phone.

Antifa would say there is nothing good about Australian society. Their minds project that belief, and everything is filtered through this ideology.

Without doubt it’s a huge and growing threat to Australian society. It’s a miserable mindset. When I got out of it and stopped feeling oppressed, I finally felt like I could take control of my life. That’s what I intend to do now.”


  1. Hopefully these kids will come to their senses in the U.S. before they attempt any military actions against the conservative population…we are divided enough without a huge body count of propagandized Leftists.

  2. And WHY this evil S0R0S is not arrested and put on trial yet? Mr president Trump arrest this punchbag pls.

    • Arrest ?? BS freeze his assets and deport his ass back to Hungary They hate that piece of shit. He will disappear somewhere never to be seen or heard from again And his assets can be distributed to help ‘educate’ the left wingers on how to act in society and abide by the constitution. ….

  3. Excellent article, the same covert METHODS used to induce TOM CRUISE to believe in XENU and the space cooties have been used to create Antifa. Only the ‘shore story’ and stage pre-set differ. Methods are identical. The game plan varies with time and resources, of course. I have found that the methods used to deprogram scientologists also work on others with induced delusions.

    “Slave chains forged with lies
    are stronger than the finest steel.
    The effort must be,
    in order to set them free,
    show them how their chains were made
    and where lies hid the key.”

  4. The right is sooooo gullible. I wonder what is going to happen one day when you wake up and realize you were all part of a plan to weaken the U.S. The day you realize that other countries in this world wanted the U.S. to retract it’s own reach – it’s own power. To “put America first” and retract from the rest of the world giving up all it’s control. It was easy to convince them because of all this “white pride” and fear of all things not Christian. When you realize that the U.S. has positioned itself into a 3rd world country because of idiocy and insecurity. You are playing along perfectly non-“sheeple”. Find yourself “awakened” to the plan to bring down the U.S. Keep believing this kind of information so the plan can continue.. Amazing how reporting of this “exclusively hidden/covered up communist activity” has made it into your hands. This is definitely something the mainstream media doesn’t want you to learn. Thankfully there are patriots like you all helping them out.

  5. He should have radicalised the entire aboriginal population before “waking up” and betraying his core beliefs. Looks like he is an an-cap now.

  6. Loved this. Continue in your growth by listening to well thought-out people on the left and the right.

  7. Just MORE proof positive that this whole thing is BEING DONE TO US ALL BY EVIL FORCES OF THE DEEP STATE/CABAL!!!
    When will people wake UP and SEE that the media is all controlled and the whole thing is a set up used to control your minds!
    WAKE UP!!! before the deep state controls the whole world and we become their chattel….and disposable!

  8. Young man, please Google Brandon Straka and the #WalkAway movement as soon as you can. You’ll have many many wonderful friends immediately.

    • I really think this is fake. Antifa doesn’t mind the US war on Syria at all. They’ve said nothing about it, and Soros has funded almost all the “Assad must go” politicians, plus he bankrolled some of the “activists” in Macedonia who brought it into the NATO camp against the will of a large percentage of Macedonians.

  9. Makes me angry that so many young people are being victimized and abused like this by evil, evil sick people like Soros. And schools are to blame for most of it for inciting this ‘need to take action against America’s ‘status quo’ being taught as ‘antiquated’ and ‘wrong’. When actually, it’s the teachers who a lot of times are just revolutionaries purposely trying to ‘stir up trouble’ because Education today is more than 80% Lib/Left/Dem, in lockstep with a 24/7 Media that is 98% Lib/Left/Dem, in lockstep with the DNC! What we should know by now as a Country is that ‘Anything – anything – having to do with George Soros is Anti-American, and Evil’. And I can’t understand WHY he can’t be charged, convicted and put in prison for his world-wide espionages just to wreak havoc and chaos! for his own monetary benefit! no less.

    • Deliberate “AntiFa” tactic to ensure don’t alienate public (too much) or get too much police involvement.

      But try getting your skull cracked open with a “soft” (ie deliberately whippy) club with a “light” weight on the end.

      The idea is to replicate a whip-like effect – the crack of a whip is the tip breaking the sound barrier!

      Whipping someone’s head with that might not kill them, but leaves a heck of a mess, and maybe brain damage!!!

      • BTW Generally good article but hardly “founder”!

        AntiFa was founded by Communists in East Germany and are effectively Neo-Stasi!

      • Lol sure, it is a deliberate tactic for a ‘terrorist’ organization to not kill a single person. The media blows this group up, but they’re really nothing to stress over. I do agree that this random person that this website interviewed is definitely not the ‘founder’, since people have been against fascism as long as fascism was around. The only people who should find this group even a little bit intimidating are actual fascists.

        • Why am I even bothering to debate, or rather educate, you?!

          It’s a ‘terrorist’ organisation:


          noun: a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

          adjective: unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

          “a terrorist organization”

          They terrorise a population to further their political aims.

          It doesn’t have to involve killing, or even wounding or injuring.

          And one of the typical tactics of terrorist organisations is to maintain a support network to hide among.

          You can’t achieve that by mass killings, especially among the ordinary population, especially if what you are supposedly fighting against isn’t actually going around killing and imprisoning without trial and always looking worse.

          And then there was the AntiFa supporting guy who attacked the US ICE facility.

          And others where AntiFa links were buried by the “liberal” pro-AntiFa media.

          And there have been killings by AntiFa in Germany.

          It’s counter-productive (in fact earlier incarnations of AntiFa failed because they were too violent and too illiberal) but if you’re stupid enough to think Communism can give you Utopia you’re too stupid to realise your violence, and even your illiberal tactics, are going to backfire.

          You’re probably also too stupid to realise just about everybody is AGAINST actual Fascists and especially actual Nazis.

          But that the IDEOLOGY of “Anti-Fascism” is a Communist one.

          And the Communists DEFINE EVERYBODY that isn’t a Communist as a Fascist, including Social Democrats (eg Bernie Saunders) who were the main enemy of the original AntiFa (Antifaschistische Aktion) in Germany, who’s own street thugs militant wing, ironically. were the “Iron Front” the name, and more often symbol (the three arrows logo) modern incarnations of AntiFa also co-pt!

          Even more ironically, as the Nazis were considered less of a threat to the Communists than the German Social Democrat Party the Antifaschistische Aktion often joined up with the Nazis to attack the Social Democrats and their Iron Front para-military arm.

          So to summarise “AntiFascist” doesn’t mean against actual Fascists, never mind Nazis, it means – violently – against non-Communists, especially Capitalists, and against authorities – Governments, police, military – that support or even permit Capitalism, and anyone else that doesn’t support Communism!

          And that’s who you are defending!!

          But feel free to continue believing their big lie, after all, they’ve told it often enough, so it must be true!!!

    • At least one, an outright shooting of a trump supporter wearing a red cap after a rally. Untold numbers of stabbings and beatings. Would be interesting if we had the actual death toll of people killed by Antifa, but its hard to seperate them from the BLM (inc) people too.

  10. Sounds like you had crap parents boy. Anyone that thinks it is ok to shut up other people from speaking are thugs. You joined a group of thugs because you are a thug. You are a thug because your parents sucked.

  11. Arrest Soros and his son today. They are in Vienna Austria talking about European Green Deal.
    They are international terrorists.

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