Obama Is Urging Biden To Quit The 2024 Race

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Barack Obama is reportedly worried that Joe Biden is going to lose in November and wants him to exit the race.

Obama wasn’t particulatly happy about Joe’s decision to run for president in 2020, but now he is panicking as he sees the momentum Trump is building, compared to Biden’s weak campaign.

According to TGP: The problem Democrats have here is Joe Biden’s ego. He thinks he is doing a great job. He wants to run.

PJ Media reports:

Earlier this month, we learned that Barack Obama advised Joe Biden on how to beef up his reelection campaign. Now, he appears to have given up all hope for Biden’s struggling campaign.

The former president and other allies of Biden’s have advised him “to quit the 2024 race to save America and the Democratic Party,” according to a report from RadarOnline.

“Insiders snitched that tensions between the two presidents recently exploded after irate Obama rushed to a secret meeting and confronted Biden about his fading chances to fend off surging Republican candidate Donald Trump in the upcoming November election,” explains the report.

Incredibly, Joe seems almost oblivious to the lack of excitement about his campaign and cratering approval ratings. Recent polls show a scant 38 percent of American’s approve of his performance with a whopping 58 percent holding a negative opinion of his work…

In desperation, sources said Obama bellowed at bumbling Biden to go on the attack — and make sure trusted aides are constantly by his side on the campaign trail to keep them from committing the disastrous gaffes that have defined his presidency.

There are also reports that Obama is quietly making decisions about who controls Biden’s campaign.

There are also reports that Obama is quietly making decisions about who controls Biden’s campaign.

Lots of people believe Obama is the real puppet master behind the Biden White House anyway, so none of this is very surprising.

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