Apollo Astronaut: Aliens Prevented War Between Russia And U.S.

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Apollo Astronaut claims that peaceful aliens prevented a war between U.S. and Russia

Former NASA astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell has claimed that peaceful aliens visited earth in order to avert a war between the U.S. and Russia. 

The Apollo 14 astronaut claims that aliens prevented the Cold War from descending into World War 3 in the 1940’s and 50’s.

Anonhq.com reports:

In an interview with the Mirror, the former astronaut stated, “White Sands was an evaluation ground for nuclear weaponry – and that is what the extra-terrestrials were curious about. They wanted to learn about our military abilities.”

He also stated that the aliens wanted us to stay away from the war and wanted to help the Americans and Russians establish peaceful ties with each other.

The sixth man on the moon also claims other officers will tell you the same. He says that during discussions with many of his colleagues who had worked in the silos during the late 1940s, they declared they witnessed unidentified flying objects flying over these missile silos, only to disable them.

He also maintains that some of the officers posted on the Pacific Coast told him how the aliens would shoot down their missiles from their spacecraft.

For many of us, these claims seem difficult to grasp; the former astronaut, however, spoke his mind, claiming his belief in intelligent life in space.

When asked what the aliens looked like, Mitchell replied, saying they were very typical, the same big head with large eyes and small facial features, and an abnormal body.

Mitchell also believes that the grey people landed in Roswell on July 7, 1947, and a few of them were captured. Mitchell maintains that the American government has lied about the landings so that the advanced technology won’t fall into Russian hands, or any US adversaries.

“The ideal plan of action was to simply lie about it, and preserve it to them. They marked it ‘above top-secret’.” Mitchell says this created an illusion for the public and for government employees.

However, nine years ago, NASA said they neither track unidentified flying objects nor does the organisation hide secrets about alien life on Earth. NASA continued, saying they do not share Dr Edgar Mitchell’s opinions on the issue of UFO’s or aliens coming to Earth.


  1. hahaha, I don’t believe a word of this, the man must be either a fool, or this report is fake. The only aliens are demons and they don’t have peace in mind.

    • It is great to know that someone who has made such a declaration has visited the ends of our universe, thanks dude.

  2. wheels within wheels Layers as the omnipotent Opah says Layers of need to know Mind games they play If it were true the government would have committed them to oaths of secrecy for life .The government WANTS them sprouting off that aliens are coming clap tap.They use stolen children within the mk ultra framework where they programmed their brains and medically carrying on from Mengels ,alter their bodies .Have a good look at the roswell pictures Its a child about 8-10 years old who has had their genitalia removed or stitched up with their urethra directed to their anus ,so like a chook they defecate and urinate from their arse. They know exactly how to deform the skull to that shape ,I’ve read the surgical and medical procedures and to damage the eyes into that formation They cant live long after it all though .That’s them really Who they are Behind everything .

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