Apple Computers And Phones Begin Crashing Worldwide, Investigation Underway

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Apple computers and phones are crashing worldwide, Apple investigate the cause

Users of Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs worldwide have reported a widespread bug that causes the Safari browser to crash unexpectedly.

Apple say they are urgently investigating the sudden bug in Safari after users reported that the browser would crash when a new tab was opened and they attempted to type something into the address bar.

Sky News reports:

People around the world have posted messages to Twitter, Reddit and Apple forums complaining about the problem.

The issue appeared to be related to the browser’s search suggestions feature, and a temporary fix involved going into the settings menu to turn off Safari suggestions.

Not all phones and computers appear to have been affected by the bug. It is unclear whether the problem was related to an update for iOS which was released earlier this week.

Some users say they were forced to download the Chrome browser instead, which is made by Apple rival Google.

Apple told Sky News that the problem has now been resolved.

It hasn’t been a good 24 hours for Apple – overnight it warned iPhone sales are expected to fall for the first time since the smartphone’s launch in 2007.

But Sky’s Technology Correspondent Tom Cheshire said that with hundreds of billions in the bank, Apple is well-placed to embrace the next big tech trend.

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