Attorney General: Biden DOJ Budget Includes $85m To Punish ‘Domestic Terrorists’

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Attorney General says Biden's DOJ budget includes money to target and punish domestic terrorists

Attorney General Merrick Garland declared on Tuesday that Biden’s 2022 budget request for the DOJ would seek an $85 million increase to “tackle domestic terrorism.”

“Our budget supports my commitment to protecting our national security, including addressing both international and domestic terrorism while respecting civil liberties.” Garland testified to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice and Science.

“It includes increases of $45 million for the FBI domestic terrorism investigations and $40 million for the U.S. attorneys to manage increasing domestic terrorism caseloads.” reports: The increase from last year’s budget for domestic terrorism cases comes as Democrats have sought to label Trump supporters who protested on January 6 at the Capitol as domestic terrorists, domestic violent extremists, and white supremacists. Committee Chairman Matt Cartwright (D-PA) said at the hearing the “attack on the Capitol” was an “unprecedented” threat from domestic violent extremism.

Garland testified during his confirmation hearing that his first priority as attorney general would be the investigation into January 6. So far, the DOJ has charged more than 400 people as part of that investigation.

Garland also said at Tuesday’s hearing the threat of domestic violent extremism and domestic terrorism keeps him up at night.

“My oath is to protect the Constitution and Americans from all enemies, both foreign and domestic,” he said. “And so both forms of terrorism are extraordinary concern to me. We never want to take our eyes off of what happened on 9/11 and that the risks that the country continues to face from foreign terrorist attacks on the homeland.”

“Likewise, we have a growing fear of domestic violent extremism and domestic terrorism and both of those keep me up at night…virtually every morning, I get a briefing from the FBI in one of the other or both areas,” he told the committee.

Committee Ranking Member Robert Aderholt (R-AL) pressed Garland on why the FBI classified the 2017 congressional baseball game shooting that targeted Republican members of Congress as a case of “suicide by cop” instead of domestic terrorism, despite the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence doing so, as previously reported by Breitbart News.

The attorney general said he had not yet had a chance to speak to the FBI about it and promised he would do so.

Garland also said the total budget request seeks to increase the DOJ’s civil rights funding by $33 million, for a total of $209 million for the civil rights division, the community relations service, and related civil rights work. The budget will also include a “historic investment of $1 billion” to support the department’s Office of Violence Against Women.

The DOJ budget request includes an increase of $304 million, for a total of $1.2 billion, for programs that support “community-oriented policing and addressing systemic inequities,” he said.

He also said funding to combat gun violence would increase by $232 million, for community violence intervention programs, to improve background checks, and for more comprehensive red flag laws.

Garland promised the DOJ would step up its work on environmental justice, asserting that “communities of color, low-income communities, and tribal communities often suffer the most harm from environmental crimes and pollution.”

Garland also requested a 21% budget increase for the Executive Office for Immigration Review that will pay for 100 new immigration judges, improved technology, and other “efficiency mechanisms” to reduce a backlog of nearly 1.3 million cases pending before immigration courts.

“I have mentioned only a few of the department’s important programs this morning. I ask your support for our budget as the entire department works to ensure adherence to the rule of law, protection and public safety, and equal justice for all Americans,” he testified.


    • There hasn’t been freedom of speech anywhere in any civilised society ever .If you defired the moral authorities and their complicit instruments then you were punished usually with death Like Jesus .

      • And Mohammed ,who basically was surplus to requirements ,once they’d finished using him and neatly finished him off with the poisoning jealous bitch story before he grew old and unattractive and maybe even worse ,changed his mind about things .Everything’s always been set up by people hiding in the shadows sneaking down alleyways whispering in corridors .The well respected.Humble hypocrites .

  1. If they cannot even recognize domestic terrorist, how do you even know they exist, why would you request budget money ? BLM and Antifia are the two biggest domestic terrorist groups around and if you cannot recognize them you’ r f n blind. I would have thrown in the house, the senate and the white house along with the demon crat party, but I understand how your bias would prevent you from seeing yourselves.

    • The republicans all supported Pelosi and the impeachment a d all know the truth about the stolen election too .Theyre all in it together ,to deceive the world about ” democracy ” And no ,doing away with democracy isnt rhe answer Going back to Autocratic rule by Popes or Princes is not moving forward. What’s needed us a purge of the bureaucrats who hiding in the shadows are running the country together with corrupt corporate ceos and who together are running a class war to restore feudalism fundamentally They own lands will rule

  2. Does this mean the 85 million is going to go toward stopping the violent hate-America insurgents of antifa and blm?…just kidding…only American patriots are going to be persecuted by these communists in government.

  3. Trump created the Space Force – Biden attempts to create the “feelings police” – Patriots of old allegedly put a man on the moon; JoeBama keeps men in the “girls locker room” – Enough already, the penalty for treason is a lolly-pop

  4. Ridiculous, not one dime of this money will go to fighting real terrorism or cirme. Wyy hasnt the DOJ indicted the BLM founders for their crimes?

    • Licence to lie ,the Book written by Sidney Powell exposing the corruption in rhe DOJ exolains and the events you witnessed with the stolen election should make it clear .

      • And the fact that she as an Prosecutor and in Texas too , had to publish the book herself at her expense knowing it was totally legally compliant and contained nothing that wasnt legally verifiable and accurate against any prosecution ,yet no MSM or even ” alternative ” publishers would dare print the truth And that tells you EVERYTHING you ever REALLY need to know about the establishment and the so called champions and heroes of freedom and lovers of democracy

    • Yes because in his private letters he made it clear that he knew the greatest threats would come from Pope’s and Princes

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  6. BTW fyi,the vast majority of Germans did not attend Hitlers rallies A tiny wee drop in the bucket did .And if you think they weren’t stealing elections then your naive .And the top players knew it .That’s then .Deceivers liars frauds thieves mass murderers hypocrites and proud of it .

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