Attorney Tom Renz: “We’ve Confirmed ‘This mRNA Stuff’ Is In The Food Supply”

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Tom Renz

Lawyer and activist Thomas Renz has warned that mRNA vaccinations have already been administered to pigs in the United States since 2018 and that beef and chicken will be next.

Big pharma companies Merck and Moderna have already developed an mRNA vaccine for pigs and it has been in use since 2018.

This unregulated experimental technology could soon spread to the entire food supply to mass-vaccinate the American population.

On Saturday Renz told Real America’s Voice: “Right now, we’ve confirmed this mRNA stuff is in the food supply. We know that Merck has a product called Sequivity. They’ve been injecting mRNA into pigs since 2018”

He added: “We know that they can actually make what’s called transmissible mRNA. And what that means is that they can put this stuff in an animal so that it transmits to whoever is ingesting whatever it is that they’re ingesting and they become vaccinated”

He also warned that “they could engineer this into plants, into animals, into various things”

InfoWars reports: Renz has been bringing attention to Missouri House Bill 1169, which would simply require labeling of food products that can alter your genes.

“And if we don’t get disclosure, if we don’t pass some informed consent laws, what’s going to happen is, for all you guys that stood strong and said no to these mRNA vaccines, well, you’re going to get them anyways through your food,” Renz said.

The National Cattleman’s Beef Association, which opposes the food labeling transparency bill, has confirmed mRNA vaccines may soon be used on the U.S. beef supply.

And in addition to the avian influenza RNA shot for chickens licensed in 2015, newer mRNA-lipid nanoparticle shots for avian influenza are also in development.

Renz explained in an earlier interview with journalist Naomi Wolf that NIH documents prove the federal government and pharmaceutical industry have been pursuing mRNA vaccine technology for the food supply “for at least two decades.”

“I’ve got documents from the NIH – from 2002 – talking about integrating vaccines into foods,” Renz said. “They’ve been working on integrating these [vaccines] into our food supply. They’ve been working on it for at least two decades.”


  1. didn’t the covid mRNA vaccinations have to kept frozen or refridgerated in order to hold together? Now they are saying that cows are getting mRNA vaxes. The cows are killed drained of blood, butchered, put in stores, you but it, cook it and eat it, goes in your stomach and doused with acid and bile.
    HOw is the vaccine going to survive that trip. Be careful what you read. this does not pass the smell test to me. I am not afraid. Change my mind.

    • There’s a lot of validity in what you say. What I’m concerned about is the graphene oxide nanoparticles, which are metallic.

      • face it, there is a lot of crap being spiked into our processed foods and beverages. and things being taken out like Iodine and replaced with Bromine compounds.
        What I have done is limit my intake as much as possible boxed foods, canned foods, bagged foods. I rarely eat out.
        I buy food from scratch and cook it myself. Can i follow this rule 100%, of course not, but I am always conscience of where my food is coming from.
        I also just do not drink bottled beverages, with few exceptions when traveling, I will get my coffee at the truck stop or a bottled water.
        But generally I drink distilled water from my home and fill some canteens when I travel with my distilled water.
        Yes, I do on occasion go to a restaurant when I have to.
        I get a hotel with a kitchenette, and cook food or reheat food from home or cook food I buy at the local grocery store near the hotel.
        I just do what I can and don’t worry about it if have to break the rule.
        since i started this mode, my health has drastically improved. So much to share.

  2. Pork is unclean to M9slemsc, Jews and REAL Christians. Cows are sacred to Hindus who are more numerous than Catholics so in any democratic world have greater legal power. Chickens are not for butchering They are
    to provide eggs.
    People are greedy evil bloodthirsty inhumane animals.

  3. The jews and their poisons, they can now poison anything and anyone they want to, it’s a Jew world order and jewtopia for them and death and hell for those who believe the jew lies and want to be their own God’s, and embrace all things poisoned and fully SATANIC, just like in Hell. They are just ‘terraforming’ the earth and people on it into Hell and demons. Evil is the new “good”. Devolution and degeneracy are the new Evolution and enlightenment. Poisons are the new food. Lets just keep them wealthy and in power until they own the entire earth and everyone who is chipped with the mark of the beast and see where it takes us.
    Except by then it will be too late and there will be no return to normal.
    Hell will be the new normal, as they have planned for us since Covid.

  4. If the law didn’t take action for the last two decades. And knew that mRNA will be given to animals which people eat. This means nothing is called law, they are only teams of monsters working together while paid from ranked who control the world with their bloody money. Even the law which is supposed to protect the weak before the strong, participates in the expected massive unjustified killing crimes.

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