Australian Senator Predicts WW3 Between USA & China “Within 5 Years”

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Australian senator predicts world war 3 between USA and China within 5 years

Australian Senator Jim Molan warned that World War 3 will erupt between the U.S. and China within 5 years amid escalating tensions between the world’s two superpowers.

Sen. Molan, who is a former Australian Army Major-General, warned Seven News, “We are likely in the next three to five years or in the next five to ten years to be involved in a war between China and the United States.”

Molan said that China has been preparing for such a scenario for a long time and was proving it by being belligerent with its closest adversaries.

“They [China] are picking fights with their neighbors around the world and they have extraordinary military capability, not just in rockets and aircraft but in overall capability to do things,” Molan said. reports: While asserting that the Australian military has never been in a better position to defend itself against outside threats, Molan couldn’t say the same for America.

“In 1991, the US Navy was 600 warships strong. Now it’s less than 300,” he pointed out.

The Senator added that the war was not “inevitable” and could be avoided if all sides “prepare”.

Molan’s warning has been echoed by other prominent geopolitical experts, including Henry Kissinger, who last year cautioned that a catastrophic conflict between America and China that will be “worse than world wars” is inevitable unless the two sides sort out their differences.

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