Australians Defy Restrictions To Protest Draconian Lockdowns, Hundreds Arrested

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Australia protests

A day after hundreds of protesters were arrested for ‘breaching Covid restrictions’, Australian PM Scott Morrison has reiterated that the country will continue with lockdowns until the majority of citizens are fully vaccinated.

Authorities in Sydney extended the city’s lockdown until at least September to try to head off the ‘Delta variant’

Stay-at-home orders were also extended across Melbourne’s state of Victoria on Saturday..

Brietbart reports: But Melbourne’s public health orders didn’t deter thousands from venting anger in a march against the lockdown rules, with police using pepper spray in violent clashes with protesters.

Seven officers were injured and more than 200 people were arrested in the “violent and unlawful” protest, Victoria Police said in a statement.

“While there were some peaceful protestors in attendance, the majority of those who attended came with violence in mind,” they said.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – AUGUST 21: A general view of protesters as they march on August 21, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. Anti-lockdown protesters gathered despite current COVID-19 restrictions prohibiting outdoor gatherings. Lockdown restrictions are currently in place across Melbourne as Victoria continues to record new cases of the highly infectious COVID-19 Delta variant. A curfew is also now in place from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. each night across the metropolitan area. The restrictions are set to remain in place until 11.59 pm on Thursday, 2 September. (Photo by Getty Images)

In Sydney more than 1,500 police flooded the city, setting up roadblocks and making dozens of arrests as around 250 gathered there, NSW Police said.

Large crowds were also reported at an anti-lockdown rally in Brisbane.

Sydneysiders were plunged into lockdown in late June, and restrictions now reach across two states and the nation’s capital, affecting over 15 million people.

Police officers detain a protestor in Sydney on August 21, 2021, following calls for an anti-lockdown protest rally amid a fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak. (Photo by DAVID GRAY/AFP via Getty Images)

Under a third of Australia’s population are fully vaccinated, as the arrival of Delta threatens to unwind the nation’s hard-fought pursuit of “covid zero”.

After a glacial rollout, nationwide vaccination efforts have accelerated in recent weeks, with leaders setting a target of over 70 per cent vaccination rates before restrictions ease.


  1. The science us absolutely clear in that masses if eminently qualified health care professionals all agree the whole things an exercise in un necessary totalitarianism unjustified by ant credible research at all .When people’s human rights freedoms liberties and intelligence are all being denied them,when they’re being deprived if they’d liberty against their free will then that is a crime .

  2. Mass non compliance is the only way to put a stop to this nonsense. The populace needs to completely overwhelm the military and law enforcement.

    • The so-called military is shooting unarmed citizens. And mass injecting young children with the kill shot.

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