Authorities May Take North Korea’s Latest Video Threat More Seriously

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North Korea threaten to nuke America

North Korea have released a new video warning America that it intends to drop a nuclear bomb on the country.

The video ominously titled “Last Chance” shows a submarine launching a missile from the ocean, before exploding over Washington in a giant mushroom cloud. reports:

A message shown on the screen in Korean translates as: “If US imperialists move an inch towards us, we will immediately hit them with nukes.”

The digitally enhanced images show the nuke exploding over the US capital, setting the American flag alight at the same time.

To make the concept even more strange, the whole montage is set to cheesy music and includes plenty of pictures from the Korean war.

It was uploaded to government site DPRK yesterday.

Tensions with North Korea are at an all time high.

The country, under the rule of tubby tyrant Kim Jong-Un, announced they had successfully tested a H-Bomb earlier this year.

The regime also test-fired two ballistic missiles this week, following the imposition of US and UN sanctions.

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